Googling Your Business as An Advertiser Can Be Harmful for Your Ad Campaign

Googling Your Business As An Advertiser Can Be Harmful For Your Ad Campaign

As an e-commerce retailer you may often be curious about checking out whether your SEO and SEM campaigns are working. You may want to find out about that by Googling yourself. However, this may prove to be harmful for your organic ranking as well as for your paid advertising. Apart from this, what you see may not be an exact version of how often your Google display ads are showing. Hence, it is important to know the reasons why you shouldn’t be Googling your own business


The best way to curb your advertising costs and boost your returns is to focus on the ad quality and the relevance of the ad. Remember that for every search that displays your ads but doesn’t result in a click, your CTR% will be go down considerably. This affects negatively because Google thinks how irrelevant your ad is


  • The less relevant Google thinks your ads are, the more they will be shown to the customers. This principle applies both to the Shopping and Search Ads
  • For every search that takes place there is a click bid this eventually affects your ad quality score as well. If your ad quality score goes down because of the CTR%, you will require a higher click bid. This would mean that you are paying more for your clicks than you would necessarily need to with a better CTR%. Higher costs would mean reduced returns and lower revenue
  • To avoid increasing ad costs, stop Googling the keywords that you are planning to target


One of the other reasons why you shouldn’t Google your business, for product or service keywords is that you will not get a proper display of the ad as per your requirement. Also, you should not try to make changes based upon what your search results look like. Here are some reasons why you won’t be able to see your ads when you Google your business/products/services

  • Smart bidding is the main reason you won’t see your ads when Googling your business. Whether it is Google Smart Shopping or smart bidding strategy like Target ROAS, the ads will only show based upon performance. However, if Google’s data claims that you’re not going to purchase then the ad will not be shown to you
  • Location targeting and smart bidding work alongside. If your ad campaigns have been set up to be displayed in certain areas, with location targeting, you will see better results in certain areas only. However, in case you are not within those locations, you will not see your ads
  • If the ads are scheduled not to show you will not be able to see them. In case you use smart bidding, it may so happen that the time you are searching for the ad is not conducive for conversions and Google has decided not to show your ads. Apart from this, your ads can also be scheduled to not show. This feature shows up in the Google Ads settings.
  • It may so happen that your daily budget has got exhausted. You can set up a notification to help you understand the amount of money over spent. This could be just another reason why your ad won’t show up when your search for it
  • It often happens that you may enter keywords that is way different from what the customers would use. When you are trying to view you Google Shopping or search ads for a particular product, enter long tail keywords

Ultimately, your ads are to drive conversion and increase sales. Sometimes, you may not see your ads when you Google because that does not drive conversion. In case you want to check what your ad looks like use the Ad Preview tool in the Google Ads settings

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