Facebook Video Marketing Tips!

Facebook Video Marketing Tips

Facebook video marketing is an exceedingly popular social advertising method & a platform that users are getting attracted to every second. Starting with posting videos to messages, photographs, tagging, communicating, everything is possible at this platform without any hassle. Keeping this in mind, more and more investors and brand owners are becoming conscious about this platform. They are endeavoring to use the Facebook video marketing tips & tools to draw as much customers as they can

Video marketing for Facebook is the perfect platform that needs to be explored to the fullest

Why id Video marketing on Facebook preferred these days? Because…


Videos have audio, visual, graphics and colours! Imagine what it does to the imagination of the users!! Their eye-catching presentation makes it easier for the users to retain, react and respond!

Keep reading these Facebook video marketing tips that you could follow to make video marketing a success for your brand

  1. Keep to the Limits!
  2. Make sure that the video you want to upload is between 15 to 90 seconds in length. This is simply because according to analysts the engagement level of customers take a sharp drop after 90 seconds of the video. Ideally fifteen seconds should be the right length for video ads

    However, there could be one exception to this rule! Sometimes, customers like watching videos that exceed the limit time as well. However, these are on topics that they find specifically attracted to. So, it’s better to get expert advice on Facebook video marketing before you decide on posting one

  3. Keep it Straight!
  4. While uploading the videos on facebook, remember to keep them straight and to-the-point. The objective is to grab the users’ attention in the first 15 seconds. Make the introduction clear and concise so that the viewers long to see more

  5. Keep it Informative!
  6. Along with your video, remember to post a text! You will have to inform your viewers as to why they are watching the video. Give them the information they would be expecting before they start watching the video

    It is expected to have around 100 words with relevant emojis to attract attention and keeping them in a pointwise manner

  7. Keep a Thumbnail for your Video!
  8. Adding a thumbnail to the video makes it eye-catching for the viewers and their interest in the video also increases many folds. After all, the viewers should get to know what they’ll be watching

    CAUTION! However, remember, overlooking this element in the video might affect the viewership of the video. Also, major attention should be given to the quality of the image that’s been selected. Avail expert facebook video marketing services to get the maximum results

  9. Keep it Vertical!
  10. Compared to square videos, vertical is far more appealing because a vertical video is mobile-friendly.  Given to the fact that people nowadays are so mobile-centric, such videos get more leverage in comparison to the other ones.

  11. Keep it Moving!
  12. Did you know? You can now use a cover video instead of a static image on your Facebook Business Page! The main purpose of doing so is:

  • Introducing your brand to the viewers
  • Portraying your products/services/offerings
  • Displaying promotional offers, etc.


  • Select the right size of your facebook videos. It is 820 pixels by 312 pixels for computers and 640 pixels by 360 pixels on mobile devices.
  • Don’t overdo with texts.
  • Check how the video interacts with the logo and the CTA button on the page before posting it.
  • Target your mobile audience first. Make sure that the video you upload appears well both on the desktop as well as on the mobile device

  • Keep the Correct Caption!
  • According to recent studies, around 85% of Facebook video viewers have the tendency to watch it without the sound. For such viewers it becomes important to have meaningful and striking captions. Even when the viewer is viewing the video without listening to it, your job of reaching to the user will, thus, be fulfilled

  • Keep it Mixed!
  • Use a mix of videos to make it more interesting for the viewers. These could be: Live Videos, Tutorial Videos, Informational Videos, etc. it is best to experiment with various video types to see what attracts the audience the most

    CAUTION: Remember to check the length of the video. Don’t get carried away in creating a mix that will be beyond the standard length of a video

  • Keep it Promotional!
  • For promotional reasons, try and distribute your video as much as you can. If you intend to go Live on Facebook, remember to promote it like a TV show. Make it interesting by introducing series with episodes. Share it with your viewers through Facebook Messenger or on your Facebook Groups or through emails!

  • Keep a Check on the Performance!
  • You will never know if your video was a success until you keep a keen eye on the number of viewers viewing it. Also, keep checking regularly to see how the video is performing on the whole

    With the increasing popularity of Facebook marketing agency, social media platforms are becoming quite famous social media marketing medium for business owners. If you intend to use this medium for marketing & spreading that awareness, get in touch with an expert agency who will give you the Strategic Facebook Video Marketing advantage

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