Email Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another element of digital marketing in which you communicate with leads and customers via emails. Popular email-based marketing communications include newsletters, promotional campaigns and event showcases. In fact, incidentally, email marketing has a higher ROI than many other marketing channels (like social media)

The most important part of email marketing that makes it so popular is the fact that it gives you an opportunity to get in touch with the audience directly


According to statistics, around 86% of marketers consider email marketing extremely important, hence the high ROI

Besides, this, email marketing tips work great because:

  1. Email Helps You with Distribution: This is a great opportunity! The moment a new subscriber signs up to your list, you have direct access to that person’s inbox. That’s simply not the case with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform
  2. Send Marketing Messages Via Email: People usually go on social media to connect with their friends, not to watch ads. In fact, 45% of consumers complain that social media ads are annoying. Also, these consumers would like to get marketing messages, however, in their inboxes. For example, according to one study, 86% of consumers prefer getting email marketing messages compared to Facebook ads, TV commercials and display ads
  3. Email Gives Good Conversion: Since email has a better reach than social messaging, it also increases sales. In fact, emails convert 40 times more leads into customers than Facebook or Twitter


STEP 1: Start with an email marketing strategy. Do a thorough research and figure out how email marketing can fit into your digital marketing strategies

STEP 2: Get an email marketing software. Use this software to send emails to your subscribers in the list

STEP 3: Build your own email list. Look for more subscribers from your phone book, reports, webinars, etc., and create a list of your own

STEP 4: Start up an autoresponder. Set up the autoresponder to automatically send content to new subscribers

STEP 5: Keep a track and keep improving and updating your email marketing strategies. Improve your email marketing based on open rates, CTRs, conversions, feedback, etc


  • The first step for a successful email marketing campaign is to create a comprehensive email list. You can start by optimizing your ‘About Page’ for conversions. While doing so, keep an email sign up form on this page, as most users who visit your ‘About Page’ usually put a like on it. So, these could be probable subscribers you could add to your email list
  • You will need a ‘Squeeze Page’ in order to build your email list. Simply a page created to convert visitors into email subscribers. You can also create different ‘Squeeze Pages’ for different users
  • Creating compelling lead magnets can be helpful. The more the lead magnets the more will be the sign-ups. The following could be you lead magnets:
    • Checklists
    • eBooks
    • Templates
    • Videos
    • Case studies, etc.
  • Optimize your blog’s home page for email sign-ups. Most of the blog home pages have a list of their own blogs, however, there should also be a sign-up option for users to subscribe to the email list. This will help you directly convey your message to the users. Also, design your blog’s home page in a way to attract readers and convert them into subscribers

Content upgrades are also important for email list building. A single content upgrade is capable of boosting conversion to a higher level. To do this, first log on to Google Analytics and track down a blog that has got a lot of traffic. Next, figure out what changes or upgrades would a reader reading that particular article want. Thereafter, feature the content upgrade in your blog post. This upgrade can be added at the top or bottom of the page or in both the places


  • The content newsletter is a valuable template. It can have tips or links to resources, or a personal story
    • Add an intriguing subject line for readers to get attracted to the content of the email
    • Start with a bold opening statement that will compel the readers to read on the email content
    • Add valuable content to the email
  • The marketing offer template for email marketing is one that pushes readers to make a purchase.
    • Keep your subject line straight forward and to-the-point. Let people know the offer you want to make
    • Mention the offer at the start of your email
    • After you’ve mentioned the offer go into the details of the offer
  • The announcement template is best used for announcing big things like a brand-new product or service launch, live event, new version of a particular product or important features added to an existing product
    • Again, keep your subject line clear, especially when it’s a big announcement
    • The announcement must be made in a grand way through your email

Do a proper research before introducing email marketing strategies in your company. Hope this blog has given you a clear insight into what you need to do about email marketing. For further email marketing tips, contact us!

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