Easy Tips for SEO Friendly Podcast

Along with technical SEO and link building; high-quality, interesting, engaging contentis one of the three main assets of any successful SEO strategy for podcast

According to traditional content strategies, the use of blog posts, articles, images, and sometimes videos play a big role in high search ranking. Although these are popular mediums of optimization, podcasts can also be considered equally important, however, they are often overlooked and underestimated

In 2020 SEO for podcasts will have the ability to build your brand and attract direct traffic, along with adding rich content to your site and supporting your link-building efforts. Of course, to do so, you have to know how to optimize your podcasts for SEO, and also know how to rank well on the platforms specific to podcasts. So, to learn more let’s dive deep reading these podcast SEO tips

1. The Title has it All!

Your title makes it easier for anyone to find your podcast on iTunes and Google Play! Apart from the title, iTunes ranking algorithm for podcasts also emphasise on:

REMEMBER: The title of your podcast must be interesting but not obscure. It should be able to clearly explain what your podcast is all about! You can also add a subtitle to make things even more easy to understand and relate to:

2. Optimize your RSS feed

Although the use of RSS feed has decreased over the years as compared to the past, they are still quite important. Essentially, your RSS feed is what people subscribe to when they subscribe to your podcast on any platform

3. Leverage your Website

Even though podcast is an audio file, you can still get SEO points by making your website the most important destination for Google to drive traffic

REMEMBER: A good podcast is just another type of content that you can use to attract trusted links to your site!

REMEMBER: If you are adding a transcript, make sure that it is a text-rich piece of content. Present it nicely so that customers are eager to go through it more! There are times when people in offices are not allowed to use speakers. Having the transcript always help them go through the content

Image Courtesy – kubix.digital

4. Recycle the Content

Another podcast SEO tip would be to recycle the existing content and transform it into another piece of relevant and high-quality piece of information. This is a good way to use existing resources to boost authority and improve ranking. Furthermore, the content can be reused in the form of:

This will add more SEO value to the podcast

5. YouTube

YouTube, as you likely know, is the second most trafficked site on the web after Google, serving over a billion users. When considering any SEO strategy, for your podcast content, YouTube should always be a part of your strategy

You can also share your podcast here, allowing your trusted audiences to keep a track of the new developments in the specific sector or industry

REMEMBER: Not only is YouTube a huge search engine but its content frequently and appears in the main body of Google search results as well!

6. Podcast for Link Building

Make your podcast content as much interesting as you can. The interest value in your content will attract links

With little and systematic effort, your podcast can be SEO friendly in 2020 and this can become a trend for you to follow that will make you the authority in your field. Implementing these easy and competitive podcast SEO tips can make a great difference in your presence in the market. Implement the SEO strategies for your podcast and see your how it draws traffic to your site over time

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