Distilled and Brainlabs Have Combined Forces: What’s Next For Us?

Distilled And Brainlabs Have Combined Forces

In case you missed it, back in February, Distilled merged into Brainlabs. This was the first step towards a joint vision of creating the agency model of the future: no silos, no departments, just brilliant teams centered around clients, allowing us to deliver best-in-class digital marketing. Since Distilled was acquired, Hanapin Marketing & Hero Conf have also merged with Brainlabs.

Now we’re a few months in, it’s time to reflect on everything that’s happened and take a quick look at where we are going. 

What does this mean for SEO consulting?

For our team, it is full steam ahead. We’re are still going to have offices in London, New York and Seattle, and with the addition of Hanapin in the US, we are going to be working to expand our SEO capabilities to even more offices in the US. We’re already running workshops for all the Brainlabs team and increasing their SEO knowledge and our SEO capacity.

Searchlove London 2019 Staff 800px

We continue to offer expert consulting to our clients, but we now have access to more resources and data than ever before. And this goes both ways, we’ve already seen existing SEO clients taking advantage of Brainlabs’ PPC power and vice versa. 

There is a whole host of opportunities for all our clients to now run the SEO and Paid Media (Search and Social) capabilities, all under one roof. If you want to speak to our team you can still contact us via distilled.net/contact.

What does this mean for blog content?

We’ve been writing here for years, and yes, we actually mean 11 years (here’s one of our early efforts looking into generic vs local TLDs)!

We’ve always pushed our team to share their knowledge, findings and resources through our blog. We will continue to be publishing content here frequently for the immediate future. Over time we’ll be transitioning to the Brainlabs site (Will has already posted some thoughts), but we’ll make sure you know when we do.

Distilled Blog Content

In the meantime, make sure that you follow us and Brainlabs in all the right places. During the merger, our @distilled accounts have now become @SearchLove. Check us out on Twitter (SearchLove and Brainlabs) and  LinkedIn (SearchLove and Brainlabs).

What does this mean for SearchLove conferences?

In the midst of COVID-19, conferences have ground to a halt. Unfortunately, we’ve already had to postpone SearchLove San Diego, New York and London. Once we reach the new normal SearchLove will be back, bigger and better than ever before.

Emily Potter  Searchlove London 2019   800px

Our team is going to be headed up by Lynsey, who has been at the front of our conferences for many years. We’ll also be sharing our knowledge with the Hero Conf team and grabbing ideas from them to make our conferences better than ever!

We’ve already got new dates for SearchLove San Diego and are working on plans for our New York and London conferences. We’ll also be heading back to all three cities in 2021!

What does this mean for SearchPilot?

SearchPilot is our SEO A/B testing tool, formerly known as DistilledODN. It was spun out into an independent company before Distilled and SearchLove merged with Brainlabs. 

Searchpilot Wide

Our teams will continue to work closely together, as well as sharing test information and results. We’ll keep sharing these findings with you through the blog. 

You can keep following the SearchPilot story at searchpilot.com and by following them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

To wrap up

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