Digital Marketing Tips for Steering Through Corona Virus Outbreak

Digital Marketing Tips For Steering Through Corona Virus Outbreak

With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, people are facing serious challenges in every field. The deadly disease has already spread its tentacles in almost all countries throughout the world. Apart from harming people health wise, it is also crippling the world economy. Business in almost all fields have got affected severely. Travel, tourism, hospitality, etc., are all facing a temporary setback because of this disease. People are requested not to venture out to keep themselves safe from this virus, so if there are hardly anyone moving out, what about business? How will that grow in anyway? Offices are closed and so is the fortune of millions of companies across the globe. However, even if the situation does not look promising at all, let’s hope that there will be a silver lining behind this cloud to give us a chance to strike back in our businesses

We have listed down some digital marketing techniques that you can follow to prepare your marketing activity during this Coronavirus downturn:

  • Try Hard to Retain Existing Customer Base: Remember during this severe condition, getting new customers would be a rather difficult task, therefore, trying to retain the existing ones would be a safer thing to do. Even financially it will prove cheaper. Here are a few ways you could retain your customer base
    • Marketing automation is a low cost and effective way of keeping in touch with existing customers. Now, this does not mean that you send automated emails or cold calling messages, you will have to send out personalised and targeted messages to existing customers to let them know that you are there for them. This you will have to do throughout your digital journey. Through social media, websites, etc.
    • Content marketing will play a very important role in helping you keep in touch with your customers. Share important business-related information with your customers. Tell them what you wish to offer in terms of products and services, and the differences your offerings have compared to your competitors. Get in touch with affordable digital marketing agencies near you to get marketing ideas to help you hold on to your customers
    • You could also take a step forward and get in touch with your customers on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. These are the places where customers get into discussions and reviews of products and services. Some of them also exchange business ideas. Create a low-cost plan to reach out to your customers
  • Be Visible in Front of Potential Clients: During this time when doing business seems rather difficult, being visible for potential customers is needed. Be there for your customers on every possible platform. You customers will develop a familiarity with your products as they are used to you as a brand name. Keeping this in mind, now is the time to develop low-cost techniques to keep your brand visible in front of potential customers
    • Keep updating your content. Keep checking your content and keep adding value to it. Share these with your customers. This will further improve the rankings on search engines as well as keep you visible in front of your customers
  • Concentrate on Driving Conversions: Planning for low-cost, highly effective digital marketing techniques to work on conversion is required now. Add social proofs and positive stories about your business. Keep your website updated. As per your budget, invest in your website and its upgradation. Customers are likely to remain indoors for a long time now. Their main access will be online interaction. So, make the most of this situation and cater to your customers accordingly. Also, considering the fact that customers will be more accessible to artificial intelligence, spend more time in developing machine learning
  • Be Accountable for the Expenses: You will have to be accountable for the marketing spends happening. Keep measuring and keep checking on the sales, numbers of lead generated, upsells, referrals, etc. For this, you will have to configure your Google Analytics carefully. This will eventually help in influencing your marketing efficiencies. In a situation like this, when your budget is tight you will have to see how low-cost digital marketing techniques can assist you. Also, keeping a check on the expenditures will be useful. You might have to put a break on your social media activities. However, before you make that decision, check and measure how social media marketing is affecting your brand in terms of engagement, visibility, profitability, etc.
  • Keep Exploring: Now is the time to keep exploring and discovering low-cost marketing techniques that could give the extra push to your business. Measure your success and learn from the experiments you do, just remember to keep them cheap and easy-to-deliver. In case, your experiments don’t work, learn from it and move on! All the best!

So, don’t panic, the situation at hand can be handled in your own way. Just remember to be safe and protected against this virus. The rest as you know, will fall into place soon. Hope the digital marketing techniques I shared be helpful for your business

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