Dealing with Sentiments as a Part of SEO

Dealing With Sentiments As A Part Of SEO

According to Google, there is nothing much that webmasters can do about core algorithm updates. Just like with any update, some websites may notice drops or gains. There’s no harm in having pages that perform lesser than others. There are however, no fixes for such pages, but to focus on building effective content. Over time the content may raise the standard of the page. For this and other sound SEO suggestions you must get in touch with affordable SEO agencies in Kolkata

It is usually said that with a core algorithm hit, there’s nothing much an SEO can do. However, having said that, there is still something outside SEO that impacts SEO. Now, the question is what is that??

Parameters Outside of SEO that Affect SEO!

As per Google, there are three basic parameters that it looks for to qualify websites that are of quality— EAT: Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness

A year ago, Google performed an update which was named the Medic update. The main idea of this update was to focus on trust. Through this, trusted sites were interlinked and untrusted sites were cut off

Next was the Panda update that dealt with expertise and Penguin update focused on authority. With the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence) Google made significant improvements in sentiment measurement which is considered a vital part of the trust component. When evaluating EAT, Google usually looks beyond the page content

While evaluating the EAT the following should be considered of the MC (Main Content of a webpage)

  • The level of expertise of the maker of the MC
  • The level of authoritativeness of the maker of the MC, about the MC and the website
  • The level of trustworthiness of the maker of the MC, about the MC and the website

So, when talking about E-A-T, the content, the creator and the site as a whole matter to Google

Trust is the Main Factor for Google

  • Trust is the main focus for Google. It is of absolute priority and needs to be evaluated closely
  • Usually, Google uses Pinkerton investigators to do a background check of Google Local Services participants for the Google Guaranteed program
  • Google recently introduced a new program called the Google Screened. This will act as a trust signal for searchers who look for professional services such as legal help or financial expertise. The designation along with Google ratings, shows up in search results after extensive background and license checks

Trust is More Important than Traditional SEO

Consumers usually refer to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to understand how trustworthy a company is and Google receives sentiment data from BBB. This, however, turned out to be a bad sign. Also, many customer review sites contained negative reviews of the company. In such conditions, usually, the sentiment gets polluted by the brand’s online reputation

Suggestions to Overcome Negative Sentiments

A business with large amounts of negative sentiments and too many bad reviews needs a major change

The only way to deal with this is to read the bad reviews, identify the issue, and then assign people to solve the matter. The more you address the issue and support people the better it will be. It is the duty of the managers to personally contact each negative reviewer and take necessary measures to resolve their issues. Post response on the review sites, a quick and positive response suggests that you care and can be trusted to support customer problems

So, with the help of affordable SEO agencies in India, you will definitely be able to resolve customer issues and deal with negative sentiments in a positive way

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