Custom LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Increase CVR by +31%

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Seasonality Got You Down?

To find a solution, you need to first identify the problem.

In this case, a client at Seer was entering their off-peak season, which began impacting conversion rates in their LinkedIn campaigns. While this can certainly be an expected trend in seasonality, it can also be a great time to test new strategies or hypotheses, rather than just sit back and watch your goals slowly but surely decline in your off-peak season. Therefore, we knew that now was the time to get a little creative.

Hello Problem. Meet Solution.

Initially, we were testing LinkedIn Sponsored Content versus Lead Generation Forms and found that Forms performed significantly better in terms of driving qualified leads for this particular client.

These two content types look similar in the engine, however, a Lead Gen Forms include a Call-to-Action Button which, when clicked, auto-populates your information based on your LinkedIn profile. Once the Lead Gen Form is submitted, you can directly receive a link or email to the content or offer, without ever having to leave LinkedIn.

LI Jenn

But as conversion rates began to slow down, we wanted to take it one step further. 

While our campaigns had unique ad copy and landing pages tailored by audience, we were only using one generic Lead Gen Form for all of our active campaigns:

OrangeSure, the messaging on the generic Lead Gen Form could work for any of our active ads, but we couldn’t help but pose the question: 

What would happen if we created unique Lead Gen Forms for all of our ads?

TealSo we did exactly that. And let’s see what happened.

Using unique Lead Gen Forms on LinkedIn resulted in a +31% improvement in overall conversion rate, despite lowering budgets.

Here’s some additional background information to help paint the whole picture:

  • Timeframe: 12-week test, with a 6 week period before and after Lead Gen Forms were implemented.
  • Hypothesis: Unique Lead gen Forms that ladder up to the ad copy and landing pages of unique audiences will create a more frictionless user path to their conversion
  • KPI Measurement: Conversion Rate increases during this client’s off-peak season.


Conversion rates began to decrease on LinkedIn as peak season ended.


Along with a creative refresh, Seer recommended testing unique lead forms on LinkedIn for each specific Whitepaper download to create a tailored user experience. 

We hypothesized that if that content on the Lead Gen Form mirrored the content on the ad rather than use the same generic Lead Gen Form for each ad, that would create a better experience for the user, and CVR would increase.

Test Results:

  • +5.6% stronger CVR of whitepaper-specific forms vs. original generic forms.
  • +31.4% higher CVR Period Over Period, despite a decrease in budget.

LI Data

Now it’s Your Turn

If you’re advertising on LinkedIn with the goal of driving higher qualified leads, start testing Lead Gen Forms. And if you’re already using Lead Gen Forms, try testing customized ad copy on your form that’s tailored to the copy on your LinkedIn ad.

New to LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and want to start testing? Check out our blog on getting started with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. Or are you brand new to LinkedIn advertising? Reach out – we’re here to help!

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