Conversions Increased +101% and +644% YoY When We Restructured Our Paid Campaigns

Paid Campaigns

As a PPC practitioner, nothing’s quite as nerve-wracking as revamping an account structure and seeing how it performs post-launch. Talk about pressure! Restructuring a PPC account is quite an undertaking but often a necessary one. As your project evolves over time, so do the engines.

What your client wanted to focus paid media efforts on five years ago isn’t necessarily helping to reach your goals today.

We totally get it and have been through it! We’re here to walk you through the ins and outs of a restructure recently done on a project here at Seer, in an effort to prove just how valuable this change can be in meeting client goals.

The structure of this account prior to this major optimization still generally followed the best practices of 6 years ago when we first started our partnership with this client. Obviously, the engines, strategies, and best practices have changed drastically since then.

To ensure our campaigns are running using all the tools and strategies available to us now, the Seer team reassessed the structure of our search and social campaigns in order to improve performance and efficiencies in management.

How we approached the restructure


We started by assessing the state of our domestic (US and Canada) campaigns by digging into keywords first. We looked for overlapping or repeated keywords in order to consolidate and simplify, as well as ensuring only the most relevant keywords to an ad group were present.

Google has evolved over the years and believe it or not, didn’t always accept all sorts of misspellings, synonyms, related searches, and other relevant variations of keywords you bid on.

We also:

💡 Conducted keyword research to see where competitors were seeing success on search terms we weren’t already bidding on.

💡 From there, we incorporated those new keywords and built new ad groups or even campaigns to house these keywords.

For our Paid Social campaigns on Facebook, we got more granular in our audience targeting, ensuring coverage from audiences earlier on in the journey to purchase their product (ex. Interest and Lookalike audiences) and capturing users who are in the consideration or purchase state (Remarketing). These audiences were then further segmented by priority pages on the client’s website, with the goal of increasing traffic to top-of-funnel pages and increasing broader conversion actions on lower-funnel pages.

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Across both Paid Search and Social, we implemented brand new ad copy that aligned with holistic marketing initiatives. That’s right, we’re talkin’ the same or similar brand messaging across TV, Programmatic advertising, Search, Paid Social, the works.

It was noted that we have a few different audiences we target depending on where they are in the conversion funnel, as well as how they plan to use the product. Because the audiences are different, messaging needed to be different to speak to each group of people and resonate best, thus increasing CTR and CVR.

So, what were the results of the restructure?

Paid Search

On Google, we’ve seen (Pre and Post launch):

  • CTR increase +21.96%
  • Conversions increase +200.43
  • CPA decrease -48.08%

On Bing, we’ve seen (Pre and Post Launch):

  • Conversions increase +184.05%
  • CVR increase +13.24%
  • CPA decrease -5.80%

Paid Search Year Over Year change (October 2018 vs. October 2019)

  • When reporting on PPC campaigns for the month of October, spend decreased -18.33% Year Over Year. Sessions to the website increased +35.43% with a more efficient cost per session, while conversions increased +100.97% at a -59.36% CPA. This is 73.12% below our goal CPA.
    • Our ads also saw a +98.15% more efficient CVR. While of course, the Seer team made optimizations throughout the year to improve performance, we can attribute the significant increase in conversions and efficiencies despite a decrease in spend to the account restructure we implemented in March 2019.

Paid Social

On Facebook, we’ve seen (Pre and Post Launch):

  • Impressions increase +29.53%
  • Clicks increase +275.92%
  • CTR improve 190.22%
  • Spend increase +30.13%
  • Sessions increase 249.06%
  • Conversions increase +644.31%
  • CVR improve +98.18%
  • CPA improve 82.53%

Still on the fence about deciding to go for it and restructure your account? Reach out! We’d love to chat with you about possible approaches.

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