Content Marketing Must-Read Resources

Content Marketing Must Read Resources

High quality content is a leading force in successful marketing practices across the board. With a constantly evolving digital landscape, the best way to set your brand apart from your competitors is through solid content that engages and connects with your audience. To help optimize your content marketing strategy, here are some top-notch articles we found using our Content Exploration tool.

1. Meticulously Edit Your Own Writing: The Traffic Light Revision Technique
Unfortunately, we tend to analyze the work of others differently than we do ourselves. We all know it is important to be able to evaluate your own work with a critical eye, but Stefanie Flaxman – Editor-in-Chief at Copyblogger – provides actionable steps to editing personally created content from an objective point of view. Flaxman says:

You can’t magically become another person with an objective outlook, but there is a way to review each sentence you write like an outsider who can effortlessly identify an issue. – @copyblogger Click To Tweet

2. Risk vs. Reward: How to Build a Diversified Content Portfolio
Content is indisputably important to content marketing, but diversifying your portfolio is something that is often overlooked. Expanding your scope beyond what is typically expected of your brand can not only attract more customers, but also increase your relevance and relatability. This article discusses the strengths of different strategies to employ when expanding your content palette.

By taking an approach that speaks to those of us with more business-oriented minds, Ryan Law is able to shed light onto the similarities between good investors and good content marketers.

There is no ‘best type of content marketing’: each content lane, from search content to sales enablement to thought leadership is stronger in some areas and weaker in others. – @thinking_slow Click To Tweet

3. Why Your Website (And CX) Suck And How To Better Engage Digitally-Savvy Consumers
What is particularly intriguing about this article is that it isn’t your average format; structured in a conversational flow, influencer Bryan Solis recounts his interview with Juliet Stott of Content Magazine. Curious why you’re not getting the expected ROI on your website? This discussion about digital’s influence on marketing is informative and reveals the power of good customer service, providing the insight necessary to prevent wasted time and effort on websites and other digital activations.

I think the greatest disruption in marketing has been the industry’s inability to disrupt itself. – @briansolis Click To Tweet

4. Your Accidental SEO Strategy Worked, Now What?
Oh SEO, the holy grail of content marketing. Although us content marketers deliberately strive to use those high performing keywords and constantly track our KPI’s, accidental SEO success is not uncommon. Influencer Christoph Trappe recounts his personal experience with this happy accident and advises on best follow-up practices.

With a bulleted list of how one might stumble into an SEO goldmine, followed by step-by-step instructions to further enhance it, Trappe provides an exhaustive list of techniques to keep the ball rolling.

I want all my content to succeed, that’s why I write it. – @ctrappe Click To Tweet

5. The Ultimate Guide to Evergreen Content
Top Google results aren’t always up to date – especially not in the case of changing content marketing practices. Lilach Bullock brings this to attention in her guide to evergreen content, where she provides step by step instruction on how to ensure you’re hitting the right topics when aspiring to create long-lasting content.

With helpful graphs, tools, charts and screen-grabs, Bullock demonstrates the importance of creating and leveraging relevant content in a manner that can be both understood and practiced.

…creating evergreen content consistently can help you boost your traffic considerably. – @lilachbullock Click To Tweet


As we initially stated, these are some highly original articles pertaining to content marketing. Our Content Exploration tool enabled us to discover these gold mines in just a few easy steps. First, we searched for reliable sites and relevant topics in the search bar. Then, we adjusted the time frame to show recently published articles to ensure we were looking at the freshest content. By clicking on the document icon, we were able to see positive reactions on each of these articles. This motivated us to read and learn from them, and share that information with our fellow content marketers here.

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