Content Marketing in 2020: A Comprehensive Guide

Content Marketing In 2020

Here’s an easy way to learn what to do and what not to do, to be able to focus on content marketing this year

1. Making videos the most important element of your content marketing strategies:

  • It has been noticed after research that companies that make videos a part of their content marketing strategies have increased marketing level by 38%
  • Also, according to many surveys and studies done, 72% of viewers prefer video to text based content

Tips to Remember

  • Don’t start your video with an animated logo introduction or an introduction explaining why your video topic is important
  • The video that you are creating must have an interesting introduction to it. The first 15 seconds are vital in catching the viewers’ attention
  • Go straight to the topic and find interesting ways in which you would explain it to your viewers
  • Focus and create more of YouTube videos for your viewers. It is any day far more popular than Facebook or Instagram
  • YouTube videos are better as they get views for years after they’ve been loaded, unlike a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter video
  • Optimize the video descriptions and tags around a trending topic to get maximum view
  • Follow a pre-written script while talking in front of the camera
  • Ensure to make the video crisp and to-the-point

2. Email marketing is a traditional strategy that works great as an important content marketing strategy. According to research, 79% of marketers claim that email is their most lucrative content distribution channel

Tips to Remember

  • If you are running a blog, optimize your homepage for conversion
  • This helps people find the latest blog content
  • Run an A/B test, which helps in increasing the conversion rate
  • Try sharing new content with users through the newsletter
  • Lengthy emails can be a good way to share content, however, it may not have a promising click-through-rate. In such a case, making the content short and crisp would be best!

3. New topics and trends are ideal for effective content marketing. The only reason, it is not duplicate topic, or rather it is not the same old topic that people are tired of reading

Tips to Remember

  • Focusing on new trends and topics is a brilliant idea, however, remember to keep a check on the validity and authenticity of the source before publishing anything
  • Publishing incorrect content or misleading findings can damage your reputation. So, be 100% sure before releasing the content.
  • Add visuals to your findings. This will help people understand your findings better
  • Promote with a press release. Although an optional step, this can be of great help while unveiling something interesting or surprising that would need the attention of the journalists

4. Engagement on LinkedIn is useful for your brand. Although, LinkedIn is an old platform that was launched way back in 2003, it has evolved largely throughout the years. The new LinkedIn has plenty of new features that are suitable for digital marketers

Tips to Remember

  • Unlike Facebook, the organic reach on LinkedIn is far more effective right now. However, remember to get tremendous results your content must be highly engaging
  • Reposting blog content as LinkedIn posts is a good idea. This is because people enjoy reading articles on LinkedIn. In fact, 91% of marketing executives find LinkedIn to be the best platform for high-quality content
  • Keep your profile optimized for followers and SEO. This will help users find you easily

So, that’s the guide for content marketing in 2020, hope it was helpful for you. If you are planning to set your content marketing goals right, then don’t wait anymore, get in touch with an expert content marketing agency, for the right assistance

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