Content Helps CPG Brand Exceed Monthly Organic Revenue Goals by 58%

Content Helps CPG Brand Exceed Monthly Organic Revenue Goals By 58

Our Client Needed New Website and Blog Content

Ever try building copy for a brand website from-scratch? It’s tougher than it looks. To do it right, you need to capture what’s unique about a product to help a brand carve out a distinctive space for themselves. Moreover, you want to help that brand gain a following, a voice in their industry, and (oh, yeah!) revenue.

Our Client, a brand in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) space, came to us in need of optimized content for both their website and blog that they had just launched. Seer crafted a two-fold strategy to amplify their brand, building site copy to explain more about their products — both proprietary and partner offerings — as well as a steady stream of weekly blog content to position them as an authority in their space.

At the heart of this strategy was SEO, factoring in research and a search discovery analysis (SDA) to be sure we were targeting the right topics and gaining a deeper understanding of user intent — finding the right words to give them the right answers to answer their users questions.

If We Build It, They Will Come

You can manufacture a product of the highest caliber, but if you don’t have content on your site, it’s almost impossible for users to find you online.

When our Client came to us, their site was ready to roll with products for users to purchase — but had very little content to set the tone and entice customers to buy. We needed to remedy that quickly, yet mindfully. We wanted to approach our Client’s brand and products with the same level of care they take in producing them.

In order to meet customer needs, our SEO team took a strategic approach, surveying our Client’s landscape, digging deep into data and keyword research to assemble an effective content strategy. Armed with the right keywords to map to specific product pages, we found opportunities where our Client could gain greater visibility.

Now it was time to turn those keywords into thoughtfully optimized site content.

The Science of Strategic Data-Backed SEO + Content Created With Care

Our Client didn’t have the internal resources to create site copy, but it was critical to their success to get fresh content live. They tapped Seer’s Content team to write product copy that was on-brand: knowledgeable and tuned-in to user intent, well-optimized, appealing to the senses, yet slightly playful.

Based on findings uncovered by the SDA, our Content team created 46 pages of site copy over the course of a year. In addition to weaving in keywords where appropriate, our Content team researched our Client’s products — finding ways to convey what makes each one unique and why it may appeal to their audience.

Beyond site copy, our SEO team found additional gaps within their search discovery analysis. These findings pointed to out where our Client could truly stand out as an authority in their niche, helping educate their audience and answer their most pressing questions, as well as deliver information that appealed to the fun and creative aspects of our Client’s product and industry.

Our SEO team lead ideation before handing those topics to our Content team to write. We took the same careful approach to these topics as we did site copy, starting slow and writing four to five blog posts per month for our Client. They started to see a lift in blog traffic and asked us to produce more pieces, upping the ante to 12 posts per month just four months after starting the initiative.

Following Implementation, We Exceeded Clients’ YTD Organic Revenue Goals by 58%

After implementing copy we created for them, zeroing in on a voice that reflected their brand and optimizing it based on painstaking keyword research and strategy, we were able to help our Client earn:

  • 58% over YTD organic revenue goals
  • 6 Answer Boxes owned by Client’s original blog content
  • 457 organic keyword rankings in Google’s Top 20

Organic Revenue & Site Traffic Continue to Climb Month over Month

Since our Client launched their website in September 2018 and began to implement site copy in November 2018, they’ve earned $82,230 in organic revenue alone.

Due to the strategic efforts of our SEO team, they now have 457 organic keyword rankings within the Top 20. During October 2019, our Client exceeded their organic revenue goals by 58% and site traffic is steadily climbing, month over month.

In addition to seeing a hike in revenue and organic sessions, our Client has also seen an increase in organic blog traffic, garnering 4,338 organic sessions since May. Between September and October, blog traffic increased by 104%. Better yet, our Client now owns six Answer Boxes for questions, helping to develop clout and brand recognition as a leader within their realm of expertise.

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