How to produce high quality written content

If you own a website, you’ll undoubtedly have been told multiple times how important it is to write “high quality content”. In SEO terms, this goes hand in hand with the concept of E-A-T (Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness), which Google uses to assess the quality of content on every site. This becomes even more important […]

How to spot unproductive behaviors employees are unaware of

Remote working and employee autonomy isn’t just a way of making your employees feel more in charge of their professional lives. It’s also a great tactic for your business, as the more engaged your staff are the better they’ll work. But no autonomy can go unchecked for the simple fact that there are things we […]

Preventing employee burnout as COVID-19 persists into 2021

Not only has 2020/21 meant we have had to grapple with the perils of “You’re on mute”, “I can’t hear you, your wifi is down”, we have also had to navigate ourselves through a pandemic that has disrupted global businesses and economies. All the while living through a time where we are perhaps the most […]

Future-proofing your Conversion Rate Optimization strategy

Your CRO strategy is likely no stranger to the all-important privacy changes that the internet has been experiencing in recent years. We predict that in the next 1-3 years, your CRO capability will face major challenges to delivering impactful A/B tests and personalization across your Websites and Apps. But at the same time, a more […]

Ecommerce during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused knock-on effects on almost every aspect of our lives. The retail industry is no exception: 2020 has seen a 26% increase in online fashion sales as a result of consumers drastically shifting their buying habits towards digital channels.  Many companies have been forced to respond innovatively, with the birth of […]

We’re the #1 Digital Agency in the UK according to marketers

Wowzers, Brainlabs has been named the best digital agency by peers in The Drum’s 2021 UK census! We’re super honored to be rated so highly amongst the industry’s top agencies by our fellow marketers – thank you to everyone who voted for us! To celebrate this exciting news, our Global CEO Daniel Gilbert has written […]

Brainlabs is an official Facebook Marketing Partner for Technical Services

Brainlabs has been accredited as an official Facebook Marketing Partner for Technical Services! The new certification means Brainlabs is a recommended Facebook vendor for integrating, setting up, or troubleshooting Facebook ad tools for advertisers including Facebook Pixel, Facebook Catalogues, Facebook Advanced Matching, Facebook DPA, Facebook Conversion API, Facebook Marketing API and Facebook Offline Conversions API. […]

How to create a human-centered AND unbiased hiring process

If to be human is to be biased, is it possible to create a human-centered yet unbiased hiring process?  At Brainlabs, we aim to create a human-centered candidate experience where candidates deeply understand:  who we are,  the job they are applying for,  who they will be working with,  and that they are choosing us as […]

Brainlabs acquires CRO agency User Conversion

It’s a great week for Brainlabs!! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve acquired the brilliant conversion rate optimization agency User Conversion, who bring with them a wealth of digital expertise to support advertisers with optimizing digital performance. User Conversion is a leading CRO agency founded in 2015 and based in Manchester, with a  roster of […]

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