Book 6% More Jobs with Lead Recovery

Contractors Are Booking More Jobs With Lead Recovery

Contractors Are Booking More Jobs with Lead Recovery

What if I told you that you could close 6% more of your inbound leads, without spending any more additional money on advertising? Sounds too good to be true, right?


At Blue Corona, we work with more than 250 home service contractors. Since we first opened our doors in 2008 (during the Great Recession) we’ve recorded, listened to, and tagged more than 3.5 million phone calls between homeowners and contractors’ customer service reps (CSRs).

If there’s one thing we learned after 3.5 million conversations between contractor CSRs and homeowners, it’s that not every CSR books 100% of the calls they answer. Even if the perfect customer calls in, a customer who fits your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), there isn’t a guarantee that your CSR reps will book the call. The customer may be a price shopper, your team may have missed the call while on the line with other customers, or worse, the customer was transferred to another agent only to end up leaving a voicemail.

So, what do you do when this happens today? Probably nothing.

What should you do? Call the lead back and book the appointment. Enter Lead Recovery.

What Is Lead Recovery?

Lead Recovery is a sales enablement service guaranteed to generate 6% more booked jobs from your marketing efforts by leveraging the critical touchpoint between Customer and CSR in your sales process.

CSR Sales Funnel

To put it simply, when your CSRs mishandles a lead (which will happen), Lead Recovery gives you a second chance at earning that customer’s business.

Lead Recovery Case Study – Click Here to Download

How Lead Recovery Works

Blue Corona’s call team listens to every phone call our clients receive from their marketing campaigns in near real-time. Based on the conversation between CSR and customer, each phone call is then tagged by our human listeners as a New Customer Lead – Lead Closed, New Customer Lead – Lead Not Closed, Existing Customer Lead – Lead Closed, Existing Customer Lead – Lead Not Closed, Missed Call, Other, etc., giving our clients complete transparency into the performance of their marketing campaigns.

More importantly, call tagging gives you the insight into what marketing campaigns generate the most real leads (customers within your service area who are looking for your products and services), and which don’t.

When Call Taggers Identify a Mishandled Call by Your CSRs, Lead Recovery Takes Over

When your team of customer service reps poorly handle a lead—specifically a call lead that should have been booked—Blue Corona’s Lead Recovery team springs into action and:

  • Automatically notifies your team of the lost lead
  • Sends the customer’s contact information (name, phone number, email address, etc.) to a manager or dedicated point of contact at your company within one hour of mishandling the call
  • Gives your company a second chance at closing a lead into a new customer

During uncertain times, like what we’re experiencing now amongst a global pandemic, every lead matters. Now is the time to execute small, safe-to-fail marketing experiments that will make a big impact on your company, like Lead Recovery. Your company’s call-to-close rate is one of many high impact areas that can help you navigate your business through economic turmoil.

Benefits of Lead Recovery

Providing world-class customer service isn’t reserved for Fortune 100 companies. Think back to a time when you were wowed by a customer service experience. Did it make you view the company in a different way? Did you refer your friends, family, and peers because of this? There’s a true benefit to taking the time to reach out to potential customers and show them that you value their business—even if you didn’t do so great on the first call.

Lead Recovery provides many benefits beyond better customer service:

  • Close more business and generate more revenue – Our data proves that for every 100 leads recovered by Blue Corona, 6 turn into new sales for our clients. (Calculate exactly how much more revenue you could be bringing in through Lead Recovery using our free Lead Recovery calculator.)
  • Optimized marketing costs – You already pay for the leads you generate. Why not close more deals, without increasing your marketing investment? Lead Recovery allows you to book more jobs and generates real results.
  • Increase ROI from your digital marketing campaigns – With more revenue being booked from your marketing campaigns, without increasing your investment, you’ve increased your marketing ROI.

Revenue Calculator: How Much You Can Add to Your Bottom Line

Lead Recovery Calculator

Interested in learning more about how much your revenue will increase with Lead Recovery? Combine your CRM data with our Lead Recovery revenue calculator to forecast additional, annualized revenue. Click the picture above or the link below to try it out!

Lead Recovery Calculator – Click to Access

Start Recovering Leads & Increasing Revenue with Blue Corona

Remember, every lead matters, now more than ever. Avoid missing out on sales opportunities and win new business with Lead Recovery from Blue Corona. Contact us to get started!

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