Best Ahrefs Alternatives in 2020

Best Ahrefs Alternatives In 2020

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools around.

It’s a trusted tool here at Authority Hacker. We actually recommend it as our go-to all-in-one SEO tool and it’s not without reason.

They’re the second-largest crawler after Google and their tool will serve accurate data on:

  • Site audits
  • Keyword research
  • The link profile of any site
  • The search engine results page

And many other vital areas for an authority site.

However, it can have some drawbacks. Its interface is not the most user-friendly on the market, it can be a bit pricey for some people, and some individual functionalities are better implemented on other tools.

So while Ahrefs is still our top choice, we do have Ahrefs alternatives, depending on your situation.

So let’s look at each one in part.

Best Ahrefs Free Alternative: Ubersuggest

If you think about everything Ahrefs can do, it’s hard to find completely free alternatives.

There are cheaper options, like Raven Tools or SERPStat.

And you can have a mix of free tools that do the same thing (more or less) together.

In that case, you’ll need a mix of Answer The Public for finding keywords, Google Analytics for website data, and other free versions of other tools.

But if you want a long-term option…

There’s no beating Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest Tool Screenshot

Full disclosure here: it won’t help you with everything Ahrefs can do.

But you’re covered when it comes to keyword research, backlink profile analysis, SERP analysis and a decent rank tracker.

And they do have a completely free plan.

So you could give it a shot. If you want to find out more make sure you read our Ubersuggest review.

Best Alternative On A Budget: SERPStat

As we’ve said, Raven Tools is a bit cheaper.

And it’s a fully-fleshed all-in-one SEO tool.

But if you want to get the most bang for your buck, SERPStat’s a good alternative to Ahrefs if you’re on a budget.

Serpstat Tool Screenshot

It’s a relative newcomer in the SEO tools scene.

But it can do pretty much anything Ahrefs can do.

And it’s got a better offer for people that rely on PPC keywords. Moreover, it’s site audit is easier to navigate.

But you can expect a (marginally) worse user experience, and a lighter keyword research tool.

However, while Ahrefs’ cheapest plan is $99, you can get SERPStat for as low as $69 a month.

If you want to find out more, make sure you read our SERPStat review.

Best Alternative For Beginners: Mangools

When you’re just getting started, you need to look for ease of use, an intuitive interface and a flattened learning curve.

For the best mix of that, you can try the Mangools suite:

Mangools Tools Screenshot

Their KWFinder and SERP Checker will have you covered in the first few months of building your website.

It’s an easy to use tool, and you actually get good keyword suggestions.

Moreover, Mangools is good for beginners, but that doesn’t mean it’s light.

You actually get a lot of powerful features.

You can filter keyword suggestions to find a lot of low-hanging SEO fruit, and their SERP Checker is pretty advanced.

If you want to find out more about the tool (and for some great tutorials on how to use the Mangools suite) make sure you read our KWFinder review.

We’ll even show you how to find commercial keywords with this tool.

Best Desktop Alternative: SEO PowerSuite

If you want a complete suite of advanced SEO tools that run on the desktop (PC and Mac), then SEO PowerSuite can help with all of that.

We still think you can get a lot of mileage out of Ahrefs even if you’re not a beginner, but if they let you down, try this tool.

Seo Powersuite Tool Screenshot

The SEO PowerSuite has a lot of places and search engines to aggregate data from and their functionalities can get overwhelming for a beginner.

But it helps you with everything an advanced user might need.

It can get quite pricey, and it’s a tad uglier than Ahrefs.

But it’s a decent option if you’ve been around the scene and you know what you’re looking for.

Best Alternative For Keyword Research Only: Long Tail Pro

If you find yourself using Ahrefs’ keyword explorer more than anything else, you might want to slash your expenses and go for a simple keyword research tool.

That’s especially because you have a considerable cap on your keyword searches with Ahrefs.

If that’s what you’re looking for, a good alternative is Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro Tool Screenshot

Now don’t go in expecting too much.

Ahrefs keyword explorer is still a better choice.

But Long Tail Pro is no toy gun either. You can filter keywords to quickly brush through the data, you can even do some rank tracking, and the best part: Long Tail Pro’s algorithms.

The name’s not in vain.

Long Tail Pro will predominantly display long-tail keywords that you can rank for.

So it’s a good choice if you want to find new organic opportunities.

If that sounds great, make sure you read our Long Tail Pro review before buying.

Best Alternative For Competition Analysis: Moz

If you’re in a highly competitive niche, you might want to keep a closer eye on competing websites.

If that’s the case, Moz might be what you’re looking for.

Moz Tool Screenshot

It’s one of the SEO heavyweights, and it’s actually famous for its competitive metrics: the Domain and Page Authority.

They also have a keywords explorer, optimization tools and one of the most used browser extensions: The Moz Bar.

Ahrefs backlink checker is good, but the Moz site explorer also packs quite the punch.

It also costs $99 for the basic plan, so you could give it a shot.

Best Alternative For Social Media: Buzzsumo

If you’re counting on social media to bring in a lot of traffic, there are tools that will provide a better ROI than Ahrefs.

One of these is Buzzsumo.

Buzzsumo Tool Screenshot

A disclaimer before we talk about Buzzsumo: we think that when you start an authority website, you should be focused on search and…

… not much else.

It’s hard enough to rank without worrying about a media plan and daily livestreams.

However, if you run a media site, or if you have access to strong social platforms, Buzzsumo is better than Ahrefs.

They’re actually geared towards helping you find the best content ideas that can get viral.

And their backlink profile analysis includes a ton of social metrics.

So if you can leverage a strong social presence (or if you want to find the biggest influencers in your niche) you could give Buzzsumo a shot.

Ahrefs is a gem when it comes to link building.

It can help you kickstart outreach efforts with their SERP analysis features, and it’s one of the best backlink research tools out there.

But if you’re looking for something focused on backlink analysis, you can try Majestic.

Majestic Tool Screenshot

Majestic even has estimates for backlink evolution over time.

And you can analyze your competition by checking the changes they made on specific dates.

They have a huge index of backlinks and their own metrics to give you a better idea of a website’s standing.

Best Ahrefs Alternative For Site Audits: Screaming Frog

If you have some optimization to do, Ahrefs’ site audit is great.

But if you want to dig deeper, you can try Screaming Frog.

Screaming Frog Tool Screenshot

This is one of the veterans in the SEO scene, and it’s heavily focused on website crawling.

It’s a bit different to today’s standard. For example, it’s not browser based, and you might not have the best means for finding keywords.

But you can plug any URL in it and you’ll get advanced details on a lot of stuff, from content formatting to HTTP or HTTPS protocols.

Best Overall Ahrefs Alternative: SEMRush

You may have seen this coming but, the best overall alternative is…


Semrush Tool Screenshot

SEMRush is a great tool, and it can do pretty much whatever Ahrefs does.

So which is better, Ahrefs or SEMRush?

We dare say Ahrefs.

We don’t like SEMRush’s interface as much, and it actually falls behind Ahrefs because it tries to do everything for everyone.

They’ve got a bunch of competitive metrics displayed at all times, they also have a lot of data for paid advertising, and it’s generally a less accommodating tool.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad tool.

Quite the contrary, it’s a very good all-in-one tool.

So if Ahrefs let you down, you can give SEMRush a shot for pretty much the same experience in a different package.

In Conclusion

We’d still advise you to go for Ahrefs.

It’s just a good tool all around, and it will help you with everything your website needs to flourish. Read our Ahrefs review to find out why.

But if you need anything else in terms of keyword research, type of distribution channel or just your experience with digital marketing tools, you can try these Ahrefs alternatives.

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