Apple Maps Adds COVID-19 Testing Locations

Apple Maps Adds COVID 19 Testing Locations

Just stumbled on to this new feature in Apple Maps for healthcare providers to add COVID-19 testing locations:

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Businesses can submit locations by putting the info in Apple’s COVID-19-Locations-1.0 and emailing the sheet to [email protected].

This FAQ info is available here because the Apple team didn’t bother marking their version up with FAQPage schema :):

Apple Maps COVID-19 Testing Program Frequently Asked Questions

How will the information you provide about your testing locations be used?
Information about the locations you submit will be validated by Apple and may be viewable by people using Apple services such as Apple Maps.

Will I be notified if the information I shared is used in Apple Maps and other Apple services?
We are focused on collecting and adding as many locations as possible, which means you may not be notified when your information has been included.

How long will it take for my testing location information to show up in Apple Maps?
We can’t provide an estimate right now. But we’re working to verify and add as many testing locations as we can, as quickly as possible.

How do I change the information that I shared?
You can download a new template from register.apple.com/covid-19, fill it out and share it via email, or send details about the current location(s) and your proposed adjustment(s) to [email protected].

How do I share new testing locations?
You can choose “Add a missing place” by tapping in the upper right corner of Maps, you can download, fill out, and share via email a new template through register.apple.com/covid-19, or you can send an updated spreadsheet of testing locations to [email protected].

Who can I contact if I have any questions?
Send an email to [email protected] with your question in the subject line, and include as many details as possible in the email body so we can work toward resolving your issue.

Where else can I go for information about COVID-19?
Please visit www.CDC.gov or www.WHO.int. You can also see special coverage from Apple News at www.apple.news/covid-19.

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