Anchor launches a video conference-to-podcast conversion tool

Anchor Launches A Video Conference To Podcast Conversion Tool

Podcast recording and distribution platform Anchor has launched a new feature enabling users to convert video conference recordings into podcast episodes, the Spotify-owned company announced Tuesday.


Why we care

Being able to turn a video conference call into a podcast episode can be a viable way to get more out of the content you’re already creating — especially for companies that have moved their in-person conferences online.

This could be accomplished through other means as well, but for businesses that are tight on resources, Anchor is a free option that takes care of the audio conversion and can also host and distribute your podcast content.

More on the announcement

  • Content creators can upload .mp4 and .mov files for Anchor to convert to audio. It does not directly integrate with video conferencing platforms.
  • Converted audio will appear as segments in Anchor’s episode builder, where content creators can edit them, add background music, sound effects and so on.
  • Spotify purchased Anchor in February 2019.

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