A simple introduction to digital media

A Simple Introduction To Digital Media

This tube map is a great way to summarise online marketing options to non-digital specialists or to check your digital media knowledge for skills gaps

You will know from our digital media infographics and success maps that we’re big fans of using visuals to help simplify the understanding of the many opportunities in digital media.

Here’s a visual representation of online media options we wish we had thought of! It’s from our friends over at agency Hallam Internet and needs no further explanation.

The 2020 digital marketing map

Digital Marketing Map

You can get a higher resolution version of the visual from Hallam Internet.

The 2013 digital marketing map

I originally shared this infographic back in 2013 and since then a lot has happened as digital platforms have developed. I’m prompted to update it since Susan Hallam has been in touch with the latest version and she says there have been two in between.

Digital Media Tubemap

What’s different?

These are the main changes I spotted:

  • Content marketing – now a separate category and rightly so, since this fuels all digital marketing activity and warrants its strategy
  • Analytics – now a separate category – good to see – fits the data-driven marketing approach that we both espouse
  • Experience – this hasn’t got many stops. It crosses over with CRO, but misses personalization – ooh – no it doesn’t, that is on a separate Web branch line.
  • Social media  – this doesn’t have as much emphasis – probably about right given the small proportion of leads and sales it delivers for many businesses. We’ve lost Google+ and the other social networks are covered under ‘Advertising’ only – that about calls it.

What’s missing?

This is a little unfair since there are already a lot of tube lines and stops and I think Susan and the team have done a great job. It’s good to have the ‘Strategy’ line amongst all the tactics. My only quibble is that this doesn’t include the classic Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning and marketing mix.

The CRM line is replaced by Selling – it makes sense. It could be more on managing profile and customer data quality and privacy and conversational marketing.

Partner marketing, co-marketing, affiliate and influencer marketing could be included too… That would take a Tokyo style tube map.

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