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Have you pivoted to video with your product promotions yet? Videos are an excellent way to get more eyes on your products since they’re easy to consume and enjoyable to watch. And you don’t need a film degree to make them. Product promo videos are a no-brainer for your content marketing strategy.

We know that the idea of video marketing can be a little scary on its face. To help you overcome any hurdles, we’ve put together this quick post on what product promo videos are, what they need to include to be successful, and how to use them to improve product visibility and send more leads down the pipeline.

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What Is a Product Promo Video?

A product promo video is a video that shows off your product and what it can do. The purpose is to highlight the features and benefits of your product and show viewers how it functions as a solution to the problem you — and they — are trying to solve.

Key to note here is that, like all of your other content marketing materials, product promo videos are targeted to a particular audience. Effective promo videos address the unique pain points your intended audience has and shines a light on the features that they are specifically in need of. It’s the same message you’re pursuing elsewhere, just simplified into a quick and pleasurable video viewing experience.

The Essential Components of a Product Promo Video

The way consumers engage with videos should be considered when putting together your product promo video. Also, keep in mind that your product is the star, but it’s not the only key feature. Here are the boxes you’ll want to be sure to check off during production.

Your video should tell a story

Your promo video doesn’t have to have a narrative per se, but it should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. For example, use the beginning of the video to introduce the product, the middle to show off its features and uses, and the end to elucidate how much better off someone is once they use it. If there’s any talking in your story, be sure to include captions so that people can view your video without turning their device’s volume on. And if you do want to go the narrative route? Go for it! It’ll be a bit more work, but there’s potential for a big payoff.

Your video should speak to a specific audience

We’ve mentioned this already, but it’s worth elaborating on. Product promo videos do best when they’re created with a specific audience in mind. Aim too broad and people might not understand who your product is for or how it relates to their needs. Define your target audience for the promo video prior to production, in particular, the problem they’re trying to solve, how they’ll solve it with your product, and how your product is different from its competitors.

Your video should be fun, engaging, and on-brand

Boring promo videos don’t get views, and they certainly don’t get shares. For that reason, you need your product promo video to be as eye-catching as possible and show off your brand’s personality. You want viewers to associate your product with positivity and usefulness, and you want your video to stand out from the crowd. Consider various elements, like music, bright colors, and an engaging tone. Oh, and make sure that your brand identity shines through.

How to Use Product Promo Videos

The great thing about product promo videos is that one video can be used in a ton of different ways. Unlike written content, which can be used in various formats but needs to be adapted to do so, a video is a standalone piece of content with a lot of different purposes. Some of the places that you might want to put your video to work include:

  • Paid advertisements
  • Commercials
  • Social media
  • Live on your website
  • Sales enablement materials
  • YouTube
  • Conferences
  • Email marketing
  • Sale and discount launches

So how do you get started in the first place? You can create your product promo video totally from scratch, but if you don’t have the background or the resources, you’re probably going to be better off using a video template. There are a variety of platforms online that allow you to purchase templates and then modify them with your product assets and brand image. With these platforms, you can have your product promo video ready to go in as little as a day, though be sure to set aside some time for edits and to have additional people on your team watch and critique the video to make it as productive as possible.

For inspiration, look to what others have done before you. A simple Google search can result in engaging product promo videos.


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