8 Popular Content Marketing Trends for Digital Marketing

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Content marketing strategy has now become the fuel that drives successful marketing strategies because they influence customers’ buying decisions. According to recent surveys, customers like to learn more about upcoming products or services through blogs and articles rather than advertisements

Also, content marketing is a cost-effective strategy that generates more leads and revenue compared to other marketing strategies. With the evolving trend in digital marketing, content marketing is also changing constantly to give better results and better SEO rankings

It is expected that by this year, content marketing will:

  • Become even more important
  • Change drastically as per popular trends and strategies

Some trends that content marketing companies must follow would be:

Trend #1: Result Oriented Content: In this world of stiff competition, the content produced by the companies must be at par with those of the competitors. Anything that stands out in the crowd would be best in getting faster results

Remember the content marketing goal is to:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Convert lead to sales
  • Get higher ranking
  • Grow brand awareness
  • Increase contact list

Trend #2: Video Content: Apart from blog posts, video content has been important for brands to create a position for themselves in the market. The audience anyway enjoy watching videos, when that is coupled with appropriate content, the strategy of reaching out to customers becomes even stronger

Trend #3: Personalized Content: With such intelligent and savvy customers you need to communicate in a more sophisticated way. Creating personalized content helps you get on a level with customers that they start appreciating eventually. Moreover, with personalized content the customers can relate to easily

Trend #4: Concise Content: Long blogs do well in organic, however, when it comes to customers and reading the blogs, a short and crisp blog works better. Also, complimenting the content with interesting infographics, videos, images make it even more interesting for the customers

Trend #5: Diversify Content: Concentrating on a single type of content may not be beneficial most of the times. A single type of content can be monotonous and repetitive for your audience, eventually you may lose out on the desired traffic. Hence, keeping content with diverse topic is a good idea for attracting more traffic

Trend #6: Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing is a great idea for brand awareness. According to research around 92% of buyers trust on individual influence of a brand. However, in order to change the influencer marketing, you will need to know the requirements of an influencer to work with your brand. After you’ve done that, create content strategies targeting influencers to get audience attention

Trend #7: Interactive Content: Make sure that the content marketing strategy aims towards creating interactive content for customers. People generally have a short attention span, it therefore, becomes difficult to draw their attention during that short span. To engage customers in the content, and leave a lasting impression in their minds, interactive content is needed

Trend #8: Words Speak Louder: Snapchat is definitely a cool concept that many are following, however, the traditional word weaving is still catching people’s attention. Content marketing is still largely dependent on written word. However, care must be taken to make these words clear, concise and correct

So, identify clear content strategies and implement them in your content for better results. In case, you need further assistance, we are just a call away!

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