6 Best Online Resume Website Builders (Easy to Use)

Online Resume Builders

Do you want to build an online resume website? Often beginners are not sure about which website builder to use to launch their resume site?

Whether you want a simple one-page resume that you can download or a fully-featured website, you need the right tool for the job.

In this article, we’ll compare the pros and cons of the best online resume website builders to help you land the job of your dreams.

Why You Should Create an Online Resume

Even if you don’t plan to ever send out a link to your resume, it’s still a great idea to create a resume website.

Why? Because it’s highly likely that your potential employers will search for you online, so you want whatever appears in search results to look great.

Having an online resume can be a great way to dominate Google’s search results for your name.

Plus, building a resume website can be a great way to impress would-be employers with your technical skills.

If you’ve never created a website before, don’t worry. These website builders are all easy to use and won’t cost you a fortune, either.

1. WordPress.org


WordPress.org is our top pick for building your resume website. It’s a highly flexible website-building tool used by millions. In fact, WordPress currently powers around 36% of all websites.

We recommend WordPress.org because it is more flexible, easy to use, and allows you to do anything you want with your website.

To use WordPress.org, you need to register a domain name and set up a web hosting account.

Your domain name is your website’s address. You might want to use your name, such as syedbalkhi.com or amandabalkhi.com. If your name is taken, then you could try including your middle initial.

Your domain name and web hosting are different things and can be purchased separately. If you’re a beginner, though, it’s definitely easiest to buy both from the same provider.

We recommend getting your web hosting and domain name from Bluehost. Our readers can get an exclusive 60% off discount and a free domain name. Basically you can get started for just $2.75/month.


You can create any type of website you want using WordPress.org. If you want to change your site or add to it in the future, it’ll be easy for you to do so.

WordPress has thousands of plugins that you can use to add extra functionality to your site. Many of these are free, including the Resume Builder plugin.

Resume Builder Wordpress Plugin

Because you run the WordPress software on your own site, you have full control. Your website will not show any third-party ads, and you can change your website design however you like.

The WordPress.org software is open-source and completely free. There’s a huge, supportive community of WordPress users and developers who can help you if you get stuck. Our friendly and welcoming Facebook group, WPBeginner Engage, is a great place to begin.

There are thousands of WordPress themes available for your website. Themes control the look and feel of your site. We’ve even listed some of the best WordPress themes for your online CV or resume.

Wordpress Resume Themes

The skills you pick up from creating a WordPress website could be useful in your professional life. Many big name brands are using WordPress, including The New Yorker, BBC America, and The Walt Disney Company. Your new company might well use it too.

If you need some help getting started with WordPress, we offer a completely free WordPress setup service. While this is designed for bloggers, you could certainly use it for a resume website too.


If you’re a total beginner, WordPress.org can take a bit of time to get used to. That’s why we have a site full of helpful WordPress tutorials and our WPBeginner Engage Facebook group.

You’ll be responsible for managing your website. This means installing updates, making backups, and tightening WordPress security.

Luckily, WordPress makes all this super easy. For instance, you can install updates with the click of a button, set up a WordPress backup plugin to automatically save backups.

You’ll also need to make sure you keep your WordPress site secure. You don’t want your potential employers to come to your site only to find that it’s been hacked.


The WordPress.org software itself is completely free. You’ll need to pay for website hosting and a domain name, though. Costs vary a lot, but there are lots of options for great deals on WordPress hosting.

2. Constant Contact’s Website Builder

Constant Contact Website Builder

Constant Contact’s Website Builder is a fantastic all-in-one option for creating your resume. The web builder is powered by A.I. (artificial intelligence) and you can get your resume site up and running really quickly.

You don’t need to buy web hosting separately as you do with WordPress. Instead, Constant Contact handles web hosting and issues like security, backups, and updates.


Constant Contact provides an all-in-one platform that’s great if you’re a total beginner. When you sign up, you’ll be walked through the process of creating your site.

Constant Contact Create Website

Although Constant Contact is best known as an email marketing service, they’ve done a fantastic job with their website builder too. It has an easy to use drag and drop interface, so you can make your resume look great.

You’ll get a library of over 550,000 free images to use on your site. These could really help lift your online resume if you’re including multiple pages or additional information.

Constant Contact Website Image Library


You can try out Constant Contact’s website builder for free, but you’ll need to pay to actually put your site live.

There are only limited additional features for the Constant Contact website builder. You may find that you can’t do as much as you wanted to with your resume site.


The ‘Starter’ plan is $10/month. This includes 24/7 live support at no extra charge.

3. Gator

Gator Website Builder

Gator is a website building platform from HostGator, a popular and well-established web hosting company. Like the Constant Contact Website Builder, Gator is an all-in-one option.

Note: Don’t confuse the Gator website builder with HostGator’s web hosting. You can use HostGator to host all sorts of websites including WordPress sites.


Gator has a drag and drop builder that’s really easy to use, so you can tweak the design of your resume website as much as you like.

It’s quick and easy to get started with Gator. There are over 200 of pre-built templates you can use, so you can get your site up and running really quickly. All the templates are mobile-friendly, too.

Gator Website Builder Templates

Like the Constant Contact Website Builder, Gator has a library of high-quality photos that you can use on your resume website if you want to.

There’s a 45-day money-back guarantee. If you try Gator and find it difficult to use, you can just get a refund.

When you first set up Gator, you’ll be taken through a simple tutorial that takes you through the key things you need to know. Support is available 24/7, by phone, email, and live chat.

You get unlimited bandwidth and storage for your website. This could be very helpful if you want to keep using your site after you land a job, perhaps as a portfolio of work.


There’s no free plan or free trial for Gator.

If you’re on the cheapest plan, you may find you have a bit of a wait for support. You need to pay for the premium plan if you want priority support.


As a WPBeginner reader, you get 55% off all Gator plans when you go through our link. That means the starter plan costs from just $3.46/month. You’ll even get a domain name included for free.

The premium plan, which includes priority support, is from $5.99/month.

4. WordPress.com

Wordpress Dot Com Website Builder

WordPress.com is the commercial version of WordPress.org. It’s an all-in-one platform that includes hosting, whereas WordPress.org is free software that you pay to host yourself.

If you want to know more about how they differ, take a look at our article on the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.


WordPress.com is an all-in-one platform, making it easy for beginners to get started with. You won’t need to worry about backups, security, or updates. All of that is handled for you.

There are a number of different themes (templates) to choose from. You can switch between these easily when you’re creating or editing your website.

Wordpress Dot Com Themes

The WordPress.com support team, who are called the “Happiness Engineers”, are available for live support on weekdays, if you have any of the paid plans. If you pay for the Business plan or higher, you can also get live support during the weekend.

If you want to try out the WordPress software before buying hosting, a free WordPress.com plan could be a good option. Note there are some significant differences in how WordPress.org and WordPress.com work, though.


WordPress.com doesn’t offer the same flexibility and power as the WordPress.org software. You can’t use third-party plugins with WordPress.com, for instance, unless you’re paying for a fairly expensive plan.

There aren’t so many built-in themes (layouts) with WordPress.com as with some other website builders. You may find it more challenging to find something that suits your site.

You’ll need to pay for a WordPress.com plan in order to use your own domain name. On the free plan, you’ll be assigned a domain name that may look odd, such as danielmatthews927034030.wordpress.com.


You can use WordPress.com for free. However, you’ll probably want to pay for at least the $4/month “Personal” plan. This lets you use a custom domain name and get access to the support team.

The “Premium” plan offers more design tools and storage space and costs $8/month.

5. Kickresume

Kickresume Website Builder

Kickresume is a site specifically designed for creating resumes. If you want to create a resume that you can download and send, this is a great tool to try. You can also use it to create your resume website, of course.


Kickresume lets you import information from your LinkedIn account, which could save you time if you’re in a hurry to create your resume.

You can use Kickresume to get help with actually writing your resume. The software suggests pre-written phrases that you can use. You can also use the grammar correction and proofreading services if you want.

There’s a free version available, though it doesn’t include many templates. If you’re a student or teacher, you can also get 6 months of the Premium account free (it’s normally $8/month if you pay for a year upfront).

It’s quick and easy to make your resume, cover letter, or website with their templates.

Kickrescume Resume Templates

You can use Kickresume to create a website too. It’s easiest to do this by creating your resume first, so you can use their “one click” process to turn it into a website:

Kickresume Create Website

There are lots of real-life resume and cover letter examples on the website that you can learn from, plus plenty of tips and support.


The website templates are nicely designed, but all look very similar. You can only create a simple one-page website. You don’t have anything like the flexibility that full website builders offer.

You’ll need to have an active subscription to Kickresume to update and redownload your resume and cover letter in the future.


Kickresume costs from $8/month if you pay for a full year. This includes email and live chat support, plus full customization of your resume templates.

6. VisualCV

Visualcv Website

VisualCV is a resume builder with an international focus. Like Kickresume, it lets you create your own resumes and cover letters that you can download. It also has the option to create a website.


VisualCV has a whole range of templates to choose from. You can easily switch templates with a couple of clicks and your content will be moved to the new template.

There’s a free version of Visual CV available, though the 3 free templates are quite plain.

You can import your current resume or CV if it’s in Word or PDF format. The site will attempt to extract it. You can also import information from LinkedIn.

You can use the visual editor to add content, which lets you see how it’ll look on your current template instantly. There’s also the option of the basic editor, if you find that easier for entering your information.

If you’re using a free account, you can try out the pro templates if you want. Note you can’t download or share them unless you sign up for a paid plan.

You can quickly populate your resume with sample content from a range of positions. If you’re struggling to get started, this could help you get going.

Visualcv Create Resume

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can just email the VisualCV team and get a full refund.

VisualCV has lots of help and advice about resumes, job hunting, and interviews. You can browse through their articles if you need some help or inspiration.


The support team is only available from 9am – 5pm PDT. This could be frustrating if you’re in a different timezone or if you want support in the evenings.

You can only create a website if you’re on the paid plan. There isn’t a free website template option like there is on Kickresume.

You can’t preview the website options before signing up for a paid plan. The focus of VisualCV is very much on the resume itself rather than on creating a website.


The pro version of VisualCV costs from $12/month (paid quarterly). This gives you access to all the templates.

Expert Pick: Which is the Best Resume Website Builder?

If you want the best website builder for your resume, use WordPress. It’s the most popular website builder in the world. In fact, it powers over 35% of all websites.

WordPress has loads of great resume templates (themes) that will work brilliantly for you. You can add as many pages and features to your website as you want.

Wordpress Resume Themes

It’s also a really affordable option. If you use our Bluehost web hosting offer, you’ll get your domain name completely free for a year. That might well be all you need if you land that dream job in a few months’ time.

To create your resume website, you can follow our step by step guidance on how to make a website with WordPress (video included).

Or if you prefer, we can get you up and running with our WordPress setup service.

What if you’d like an alternative to WordPress? In that case, we recommend using Constant Contact’s website builder. It’s really easy to get up and running with it. You can try it out completely free. You only need to pay when you’re ready to put your website live.

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