3 Wellness Brands Sending Great Emails

Has there ever been a hotter moment for health and wellness brands? It seems like every year, people are becoming increasingly conscious of their lifestyle and habits. And experiencing a pandemic has meant that the market for healthy living has opened up in an entirely new way people are willing to invest in their well-being more than ever before.

When it comes to marketing, this sector faces some specific challenges. Authenticity is a critical factor in customer communication, and the foundation of the customer-brand relationship is trust. Once this is established, there’s no limit to how creative brands can get by offering their services or communicating digitally with their clients.

Email marketing is an opportunity for personalized content, and this is its biggest strength. Here are some ideas that will help your subscribers open, read and click through your emails:

  • Offers and discounts
  • Scientific, data-backed information
  • Updates relating to your product or service
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Online services, like booking appointments and buying products
  • Testimonials that add credibility to your brand

The health and wellness industry is diverse products and services range from supplements and alternative therapies to fitness and rehabilitation. Here are some brands that are doing a great job at connecting with their customers through email campaigns.

1. Vital Proteins

After becoming ubiquitous on social media, Vital Proteins has become a trusted name in collagen supplements. They also take a refreshing, creative approach to their emails, with light-hearted headlines and edgy design.

Vital Proteins uses a combination of different content in their campaigns, and they capitalize on certain times of the year that inspire more healthy living. For example, the New Year is prime time for health and wellness brands because people tend to make fitness-related goals at the start of the year. In their New Year email, Vital Proteins has included their products and other non-product-related fitness activities indirectly linked to buying their supplements.

As always, their branding is bright and cheerful lending positivity and a sense of energy to the reader. And who doesn’t love gifs?

Image5 1

Vital Proteins takes real goals and connects them with their product. It’s a smart way of positioning their product as a solution for some very real aspirations their subscribers may be having. 

What makes it even better is the recipe at the bottom. Not only are they showing you a product, but they’re also adding temptation, making it fun, and demonstrating how the product can be used. Even if a subscriber isn’t 100% interested in these particular products, they’re more likely to click through for the recipe which sends them to the Vital Proteins website.

Image6 1

2. ClassPass

For fitness brands, it can be difficult to convert a customer. People are generally resistant to taking action and paying upfront, and it’s even more challenging to keep up a consistent stream of communication that doesn’t put them off while encouraging them to stay with the brand and use the service.

ClassPass has done a brilliant job with this email by addressing the three main issues people have with gyms and fitness centers:

  • Convenience and location
  • Commitment

The email is straightforward, and the offer and benefits are front and center. No guessing here. 

Image7 1

This trial email is another example of their direct approach used with visually appealing graphics and design

Image1 1

Their reservation email goes above and beyond by offering tips to subscribers after they reserve a class. They provide helpful tips and instructions on what to wear and do, as well as a location guide. The “Add to Calendar” option is also a thoughtful inclusion and ensures subscribers follow through with their plans. Because after all, they won’t see the benefits ClassPass has to offer if they miss out on the classes they’re booking. 

Image4 1

3. Fitbit

While not strictly a wellness brand, Fitbit has become a product that people perceive as an essential accessory towards achieving their fitness and health goals. That perception didn’t come about by chance it’s a product of strategic and purposeful marketing.

The first rule of any email marketing strategy is understanding your target audience. For Fitbit, it’s about addressing a customer’s motivation and using it to keep them engaged with the brand. 

Owning a Fitbit is obviously different than signing up for an actual fitness activity. But, if their customers are to fully see the benefits of their product, they need to engage in activity that showcases exactly what the product can tap into. Fitbit partners with other fitness brands to give their customers ideas and inspiration to get active, which helps them discover the joy of using their product. 


This email below isn’t from Fitbit, but it still promotes the brand’s purpose and is a lesson in email marketing partner with brands that have a similar audience base to increase your visibility and amplify what your product delivers. 

Image2 4

Here’s a fun email that may put a smile on the reader’s face and serves as motivation by showing customers how much they’ve achieved.


This kind of email shows Fitbit users the insights that help them see true value from the product. By tapping into their highlights and making fun comparisons, Fitbit is proving that they’re more than products. They’re insightful, invaluable, and always thinking of clever ways to keep their customers engaged

Health and wellness can be a tricky industry to market. Still, with the right creative strategy, brands have successfully turned skeptics into loyal customers. There’s plenty of opportunities after all, everyone wants to look and feel good. These wellness brands have proved that email marketing is a direct line to customers that should be used to build and maintain relationships and solidify brand loyalty. 


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