11 PPC Trends that B2B Businesses Should be Aware of in 2020

PPC Trends

When it comes to your paid search terms, 2020 is a great chance to capitalize on some of the growing trends that will emerge throughout the year. When building and planning your ‘PPC Strategy 2020’ understanding what the trends will be for the coming year is all-important to achieving the successes you want. So let’s take a look at some of the biggest trends we’ll see in 2020 and how you can use them effectively:

1. PPC Automation

One of the biggest trends for the year ahead will be PPC automation. While not an entirely new concept, it will begin to play a much more integral role in facets such as ad testing. With automation incorporated into your campaign, it will allow you to calculate effective bidding strategies for different goals, set bids to generate as many conversions as possible at a set target CPA and stop low-performing ads while prioritizing ones generating the best results.

2. Video Is King

The Importance Of Video Marketing In 2016 01

We already mentioned the importance of the changes made to bumper ads but businesses will need to involve video into their PPC campaigns at every level, especially when it comes to adapting to Google’s vertical video ads. To further maximize your video reach capabilities, you can now choose between a mix of TV and online video ads. As people usually remember 95% of a message when it’s in video form, implementing it successfully into your 2020 strategy should be a no-brainer.

3. Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to PPC, AI will allow marketers to create more effective ad campaigns. This is especially true in regards to predicting the future CTR of ads as well as identifying customers who are most likely to convert and analyze the bids that are most likely to garner maximum traffic. As AI learns more about your audience’s behavior, it will be able to create targeted ads in order to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns.

4. Greater Use of Smart Bidding

Consumers research in a variety of ways so keeping on top of campaign optimizations can become a challenge for marketers. Smart bidding takes away the pain of manually optimizing each ad campaign and helps advertisers improve overall ad performance. In the year ahead, Google is set to introduce value rules which will enable advertisers to differentiate conversion values based on characteristics such as location, device and audience.

5. Voice Searching

By 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice-based and by 2022 half of all consumers will be shopping using their voice. Businesses that are not creating PPC campaigns for voice searches will miss out on being featured in any voice search results. By researching current search terms, focusing on long-tail keywords and question phrases, you can build a list of keywords and phrases that need to be incorporated to fully optimize your existing campaigns.

6. VR ADs

As more people spend time in virtual reality worlds, it opens up a new realm of opportunities for advertisers with one of the benefits being viewers are able to try a product before committing to buying it. VR technology uses eye-tracking technology to activate an ad and can provide insights into what parts of the screen viewers are looking at interacting with. These type of ads will also help consumers learn more about your products and interact with your company in new and exciting ways.

7. Masthead on TV

With the YouTube Masthead, a digital billboard placed on YouTube’s homepage for 24 hours, on TV screens, advertisers can now reach a much wider audience than was previously possible, no matter where they may be watching. The Masthead autoplays after just a few seconds on all compatible devices so when coupled with home feed placement, advertisers will be at the center of YouTube on TV screens. With 250 million hours a day of YouTube being watched on TV screens, this is an area marketers can target heavily in 2020.

8. Google AdMob

Google Ads Trend 2020

Google AdMob, advertising on mobile, offers smarter analytics and reporting features to unlock new insights that will help you improve your app. AdMob insights alert you as soon as the system detects abnormal changes to your key metrics such as CPM or impressions. You will also be notified if the changes in your app are affecting the overall user experience. New features introduced include informative user engagement cards regarding metrics and comparison reporting that allows you to compare two metrics in the same chart and discover useful trends.

9. Smart Segmentation

Launched in 2019, smart segmentation helps gaming app developers generate revenue out of non-spending players. By using machine learning it segments users based on the probability of whether they’ll spending money within an app or not. Ads will then only be displayed to users who are unlikely to make an in-app purchase. Not only does this help protect user experience for your purchasers, but it can also grow your revenue via the ads themselves.

10. Ads Data Hub

Google announced that they will stop allowing third-party pixel tracking on YouTube starting in early 2020 because of security concerns and therefore they have begun investing in Ads Data Hub. This will give marketers with comprehensive reporting to understand the effectiveness of their ads across screens and provide more specific insights into evolving consumer behavior.

11. Alternative PPC Platforms

While Google and Facebook have dominated the industry, people are now spending more time on different platforms and your PPC services need to reflect this accordingly. More and more professionals are now interacting on LinkedIn instead while shoppers are spending more time involving Amazon. Other platforms such as Quora and Bing are also ways you can diversify your overall ad spend.

Final Thoughts

Leveraging the current PPC trends is a great way to get the most out of your PPC advertising campaigns. While automation and AI will change the way businesses create and run ads, there will be a significant uptake in the number of video ads, including VR, across a variety of devices. As well as this, marketers need to optimize their ads for voice search and incorporate alternative PPC platforms. By doing this and staying up-to-date with industry developments, generating improved results from PPC campaigns in 2020 should be something that is easily achievable.

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