11 LinkedIn Features You Must Use in 2021

Even though LinkedIn may not be considered one of the biggest social media networks, it is undoubtedly one of the most important ones. That is especially true for business and social media marketers, and job seekers in both B2B and B2C segments.

In fact, in 2021, LinkedIn is constantly incorporated in the social media marketing plans and business marketing strategies of various enterprises. So, with this professional social media platform being so important around the world, let’s know more about amazing features you must use in 2021.

How Important Is LinkedIn in 2021?

When we talk about the importance of LinkedIn in today’s time, what must be mentioned is the reliance of several businesses on the online platform for business marketing and increasing customer reach. This shift towards the digital platform has been further enhanced by the recent Coronavirus pandemic situation all across the world. 

According to statistics, with over 722 million members, LinkedIn is the most trusted social network in the US. Over 73% of social media users state that LinkedIn protects their privacy and data. With a business-specific approach towards social media, the platform has become the largest social marketplace frequented by businesses of all sizes, kinds and industries, and professionals and job seekers all around the world. 

That being said, making use of the full potential of LinkedIn for your social media marketing plans is important and can lead to maximum success. In 2021, the platform is important for job seekers, and professionals in different fields as well as businesses. This can be supported with statistics that say 44% of LinkedIn users take home over $75,000 every year and the fact that millennials make up 38% of LinkedIn’s user base

To make the best use of LinkedIn, you must be aware of its key features and tricks. There are a lot of options offered by the platform, which may be unknown to many LinkedIn users. In the section below, we have listed some really useful and amazing LinkedIn features that you can use in 2021. Check them out now! 

11 LinkedIn Features to Boost Productivity

Take a look at these 11 useful and effective, lesser-known LinkedIn features that may be unknown too. Using these features in 2021 can effectively boost your productivity and ease-of-use. 

Blogging Interface

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After Microsoft acquired LinkedIn, there were several new modifications and upgrades to its interface and features. Amongst these, the blogging interface is mentionable. The interface is really useful in creating a strong platform presence. 

It can help you draft creative content and publish it on your web account with an easy-to-use LinkedIn editor. Original content is much more valuable than the simple posting of statuses and comments and can help you get more users’ attention and engagements.

Boolean Search

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With new upgrades to the platform, you can now conduct a Boolean search on LinkedIn. You don’t have to categorize your search anymore. Instead, you can literally search for anything based explicitly on a specific or set of keywords.

You can do an advanced Boolean search by combining the search keywords with certain operators like AND, NOT, and OR.

Message Conversation Window

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LinkedIn has introduced the feature of messaging conversation windows, just like a chat window. It is like a pop-up window that you will find on the right side of every LinkedIn page/profile. The conversation window automatically pops up whenever you receive a message and are synced with LinkedIn messaging.

There are several benefits and functions of this feature that can be very useful for you. 

LinkedIn Scheduler

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The feature was already there but has now been innovated and upgraded with many useful functionalities. You can use the feature to sync your mobile contacts and calendar and receive timely information about meetings and interviews.

With the LinkedIn scheduler, you can also schedule interviews with candidates through emails. 

Export Connections

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A really useful feature on LinkedIn is the function of exporting your connections to other contact management systems.

You can create spreadsheets of your connection with all information about connection names, company names, email addresses, and other details.

Private Replies Without Connections

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Another very useful and exclusive feature of LinkedIn is being able to send private replies to someone you don’t have a connection with.

Hidden Identity While Viewing Profiles

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LinkedIn allows its users to visit someone’s profile anonymously. It is a useful privacy setting offered by the platform with which you can hide your identity when viewing profiles.

This private mode can be useful for businesses and recruiters finding candidates, generating leads, as well as for competitor analysis.

AI Feedbacks

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AI feedback is a very useful addition to LinkedIn’s range of features. It is particularly useful for job seekers who can leverage the feature of AI feedback on interview trial-outs for making better preparations.

The new tool basically offers AI-generated feedback and recommendations on video recordings of the candidate’s responses to commonly asked interview questions.


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Self Merge is a feature that allows you to merge an account that has a non-zero connection count of less than thirty thousand with another active account.

This feature is particularly helpful for people with a previous dormant account. It helps in removing lengthy case routes and seamlessly transfers all the credentials to an active account.

LinkedIn Polls

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Quite like other popular social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, LinkedIn has also launched the “LinkedIn Polls” feature which is very useful to obtain quick feedback on the platform. It helps in decision-making and knowledge about the latest market trends.

All-new ‘Events Tab’

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The new “Events Tab” on LinkedIn is a great feature to enhance your customer engagement. It can help you host a virtual conference or a discussion panel. With LinkedIn event ads, you can organize and interact with your professional circle by organizing engaging LinkedIn events.

Final Thoughts

With these 11 amazing LinkedIn features, you can successfully boost your presence and productivity on the platform and make the best use of it for maximum success in 2021. So, without any delay, set off your LinkedIn journey today.


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