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Google Shopping Ads Management Services to Grow Your Online Sales


Goggle Shopping Ads is a must for E-Commerce retailers to enlist and showcase products when customers search for products with a buying intent, giving competitive edge of displaying products, price, reviews among other details

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Digital Marketing for E-Commerce Websites belongs to a different level of marketing altogether with Google shopping campaign optimization. Type of tools used, way data is analyzed and interpreted, understanding customers, identifying them and reaching out with right promotional messages, different e-commerce brand campaigns, different Google shopping ads for ecommerce , Google shopping ads management, sales campaigns, integrating data across Digital Channels for optimization of results, automation and more.


This is executed with Google Merchant Center a tool used to track revenue attributed and manage media spent. It enables to not only showcase products but also help with valuable Insights about our customers, search patterns and buying intent along with tastes, likes and dislikes. It also helps in increasing visibility of your products by capturing more space on google search page when clubbed with other digital channels scaling sales dramatically


Running Strategic Google Shopping Ads & Google marketing campaigns, erstwhile Google Product Listing we help in improving ROI of the Campaigns which effects performance of other channels along with increased Sales and visibility thus effecting Brand trust and increased Traffic



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Keyword Research for Shopping Ads

Time devoted to find new & relevant keywords with combinations that are relevant to the searcher to run effective Google Shopping Ads via Google Merchant Center

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Product Feed Creation

We help you create the product feed enabling your shopping ads rank better and faster with continuous eye for its improvement and maintaining its Rank being #1 catching buyer’s eye

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Tracking Details for Optimization

Implemented at product level for calls, inquiries and conversions ensuring you have all relevant data inputs with respect to Ad campaign performance available for optimization

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Campaign Management & Strategy

Managing your Google shopping ad campaigns end-to-end. We implement researched & new strategies, tactics, seasonal trends and offers wherever needed to generate best ROI

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Monthly KPI & Reporting

We discuss monthly KPIs while setting up your shopping ads campaign. Internal reviews are a part of the game to brainstorm optimizing for best results & share detailed reports with you on campaign results and way forward

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Data Driven Work

Optimization being at the core of Google Shopping Ads – we dwell on analytics & data capturing to yield the best results for your buck. We also combine the Shopping Campaigns in alignment with other digital initiatives yielding ROI & ROAS

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Google Merchant Center for product showcasing and increase sales

E-Commerce businesses and retailers, interested in increasing sales volume generally show their products via Google Shopping

It helps present your products on top of the page enabling customers to not only see the product but also, compare price, reviews and also look at the product before clicking on to the Ads. This helps identifying customers who have real interest in buying

When clubbed with Google Ads & Strategic SEO using the Merchant Center data, helps our digital strategy consultants place your Google Shopping Ads at the forefront of your customers. This intern helps increase your sales and also supporting your other digital marketing initiatives that positively effect your holistic digital marketing or Google Ads to achieve business goals

Following them with Re-marketing helps in conversion as well. Inclusion of Google Shopping Ads helps in Customized Digital Marketing for E-Commerce Marketing projects


Amazon Marketplace Optimization & Google Shopping Ads

Presence of online Marketplaces like Amazon, your products should be represented the Right way using the Right Placement & Optimization Strategy, Registering and Placing products within the Marketplace at the customer’s eye level. Amazon Marketplace Optimization helps in long-term and significant revenue growth. Increased visibility of various Marketplace product pages in search engines such as Google, etc. and with that, more traffic to your products.



Brand Value & Trust | Product Sales | Revenue & Profits | Customer Satisfaction | Review is what matters most


This in combination with the best Google Ads and Google Shopping Ads Management surely adds to the digital marketing strategy implemented improving the overall brand visibility, brand recall and traffic flow boosting Sales, Revenue & bottom line Profit


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