Writing Great Headlines for SEO Content and Better Ranking

Writing Great Headlines For SEO Content

Most often than not when you read a piece of writing you are likely to get hooked to the headline first. Many may beg to disagree with me; however, this is a common habit that we all have. Consciously or subconsciously we all get attracted to the headline first before we start reading the opening sentence of the paragraph that follows. This is the reason why good content writers spend a great deal of time in crafting the headline; as if they are craftsmen weaving creative thoughts! Such is the power of a good and catchy headline

Sometimes, content writers use this tool to the best of their ability. If it engages a reader for that full content read and maybe put in some comments the purpose of writing is met. Sometimes, creative headlines create a buzz among readers, who may not remember the subject matter or the communication, but the headline lasts long in their minds

There have been many such instances in the past, in the fields of marketing, advertising, even news writing for example, where many slogans, headlines, etc. have been used that people remember even today. Thus, the Retaining Power of a headline depends on its ability to draw attention

As rightly said:

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” – David Ogilvy

Good Professional Content writing gives a good deal of importance to headlines.  They maintain high standards and follow tips and techniques that prove to be beneficial in the long run

Here are some tips mentioned below:

TIP#1: Make your headlines descriptive. Don’t just use phrases. This will make your headline rather sketchy and vague. Descriptions will give your headline some flesh, meaning, some matter. Reading a descriptive headline gives clarity into the subject, thus, increasing interest of reading further and diving deep

TIP#2: Adding keywords into your headline could be a good SEO practice. But, need to be careful so as to it doesn’t become stuffed with it. That will give a negative signal to Google Algorithms. This will not only give the customers a good insight into the content that is about to follow but will also be relevant to the content

Many searchers look for content relevant to the search item they are looking for, make it as relevant as possible. Finding a headline with the relevant keyword in the search result can prove to be quite effective

TIP#3: Use numbers in your headline. Adding numbers to your headline makes the content visible and to-the-point for the readers. This is also very helpful. This way the readers know what to expect, also, adding numbers make these headlines stand out among the rest in the search results. They are easy to identify and straight in their approach

TIP#4: Check for typo and GSP (Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation) errors in the headline before you proceed writing the content

Remember, a simple grammatical error in your headline can make the readers think that either you are not serious about the content or the content that will follow may not have proper delivery in terms of language and writing. After all time is valuable, isn’t it?

Professional content writers and agencies will always double-check their content before posting them for their clients. Better, you start practicing the same as well – a must to do

TIP#5: Add creativity and innovation in your heading. Remember, something that sounds nice will attract more readers. Also, from the SEO perspective, it is important for the headline to be attractive enough to gain attention. Afterall, the more people read, the more your brand becomes visible and relatable for them. This is loved by Google and it for sure helps you promote even more giving that boost your article needs

Thus, it could be said that a headline is the heart of a content. Without a catchy and relevant heading, it is impossible to maintain SEO standards and achieve SEO objectives and goals. The next time you deal with a client or write your own articles; make sure to be extremely conscious about the headline you deliver

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