What Is The Best Free VPN For Mac?

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What Is The Best Free VPN For Mac?


When you connect your device to the Internet, you connect it to a world of possibilities. At the same time, you also expose it to numerous risks. Cybercriminals need just one loophole on the internet network to intrude into your device and snoop data or mount cyberattacks.

While some Mac owners wonder if they should install the best free VPN for Mac, others do not hesitate to even go for paid versions of VPNs. The majority of them ask why they would need a VPN on a Mac device when it already has many security features.

If you have a Mac device and are wondering whether or not you should install a VPN application, this post will answer your question. Plus, it will also give you an insight into the best VPN options for Mac 2021.

Why Should You Use A VPN For Mac?

The primary reason for using a VPN on any device is data security. You would want to use a VPN on your Mac primarily for this reason. In addition, you might also want to do so for many other reasons. These may range from streaming to gaming and more.

Beyond any doubt, Macs have the best built-in security features for protection from any form of intrusion from external sources. But those features protect the privacy and security of the data in your device only as long as it remains in the memory of your device. Once it goes out on the Internet to another server, it becomes vulnerable to snooping. 

Cybercriminals and hackers look for opportunities to exploit the security vulnerabilities of websites by employing smart methods. They seek ways to find out the IP address of devices and keep an eye on users’ online activities.

From internet browsing to shopping, you can perform a wide range of activities on a website. Non-HTTPS websites put your payment information at the risk of being stolen by cybercriminals. Even if HTTPS protocols claim to offer more security to your data with their encryption features, you might feel the need to add an extra layer of protection to it. After all, your data is yours, and the onus is on you to protect its privacy from the prying eyes.

Best Free VPNs For Mac in 2021

After knowing why you need a VPN on your Mac, the next thing that you might want to know is the best option among the existing choices. 

Here are some best VPN options for Mac in 2021 that you can choose to address your VPN-related needs.

1. BetternetVPN

Along with an easy-to-download option, BetternetVPN also comes with an easy-to-update feature. These features add up to make it a ready-to-go VPN option on the App Store. You can set a location of your choice based on your needs while using it. Moreover, you can use this feature without any subscription.

2. Urban VPN

Urban VPN enables Mac users to connect to a secure virtual private network with decent streaming and browsing speeds. Its hallmark feature is the availability of 40 distinct server locations. Besides, you can also access it in 10 distinct languages.

Though its speed is decent enough, it is not ideal for gaming. Its encryption protocols also lack clarity. You might need to consider these aspects before deciding to use Urban VPN.

3. Windscribe

Are you looking for a VPN that you can use on Mac and other devices? If yes, Windscribe is ideal for it. You can also use its extensions on popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Also, it has its servers in 10 different countries. Due to this feature, you can count it as a handy VPN option for unlocking geo-restrictions proficiently. However, the only catch is that its tools are far lesser than what you get with other VPNs. You will also find the same even if you subscribe to its premium plan.

4. Proton VPN

Proton VPN offers free and premium choices. Though you can go with your preferred choice, the premium option has more features. To have access to the features of both options, all you need is to create an account.

The premium options of this VPN are affordable and range between $4 and $8 per month. However, you do not get a high speed even as you choose one of the premium options between its basic plus plans. Its speed is just about perfect for addressing users’ basic needs. Plus, it only offers servers of 3 distinct locations.

5. Hide.me

Hide.me gives you unlimited bandwidth without the need to create an account. Further, its full spectrum of features is available without subscription charges. The speed it offers is ideal for downloading as well as streaming.

The only downside it has is its monthly data usage cap of 10 GB. But there is not much to complain about as most users find it good enough for their needs at basic and moderate levels.


From the above, it becomes clear that Macs need VPNs to extend an additional security level on the Internet. But for attaining the best results, you need to choose the best VPN for your Mac. Select one of the above options based on your requirements for an invaluable experience of using a VPN on your Mac. 


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