Ways to Exclude Internal Traffic From Facebook Pixel

Exclude Internal Traffic From Facebook Pixel

If you are wondering, how exclude internal traffic from viewing your Facebook Ads, then this blog will help learn the ways in which you could exclude this traffic

Google Analytics has a feature, where you can filter out certain traffic from IP addresses. Especially the ones you don’t want to include in a data set. However, Facebook Ads do not have this feature, hence the need for excluding external traffic. One of the ways in which this could be done is by using custom audiences to exclude yourself from Facebook Ads

Read the steps below to get clear ideas

#1: For this you will need to have the pixel installed for building some custom audiences to complete the task

#2: Next, you will have to make an audience, for that, go to the Asset Library, under Audiences. This could be further used to create a new custom audience

#3: Create a secret page that is accessible only by you or your team members. Since Facebook Pixels mostly tracks Page Views, create a URL first on the website. Later, the Facebook Pixel is installed here and remains only known to you and your team members. Once you visit this URL, it will obviously be pixeled, and in the Facebook system and this could be further used to exclude ourselves from our Facebook ads

#4: Using the above-mentioned URL, create a Custom Audience. With this, you can all website visitors with event page view. This feature remains valid for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 180 days

#5: You can also exclude internal traffic without anyone noticing it. For this, you will have to add Facebook Pixel on a frequently visited page, one that is only known to you and your team members

#6: You can also exclude your custom audience from the ad sets. After you’ve created an ad, you usually get an option to choose audience you want to target in the Ad Set portion. It is here that you can choose your internal website traffic or team members from custom audience

#7: Apart from the above-mentioned step, you could also exclude internal traffic by building a custom audience with an upload of email addresses of your team members. As an alternative, you could also block the firing of the Facebook Pixel. So, once you identify your user through this method, he might be in the system viewing your ads. So, building up an internal website or hidden website that is accessible only for you or your team would be an easy method to exclude yourself from Facebook Ads

So, here you go! Following the above-mentioned steps can help you exclude internal traffic for yourself and team from Facebook Ads Pixel

The obvious other side of this is that the data goes into the data set. However, this change does not affect Facebook Analysis in anyway. This is just an effective way of easily excluding yourself and your team from the Facebook ads data

If you have any more questions or any other methods that you use to exclude yourself from your Facebook Ads, get in touch with an expert in the field. We are just a call away!

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