Top 10 Actionable SEO Tips to Rank your Amazon Products Listing Much Higher

10 Amazon SEO Tips

Amazon is a global leader and one of the fastest growing retailers on eCommerce. In fact, most consumers start their very first online shopping search on Amazon, and 206 million people visit it every month. With 81% of clicks going to brands on the first page of the search results, 70% of Amazon shoppers never browse past it, and accord 64% of their clicks to the first 3 items. So how can you thrive as a seller on the Amazon marketplace? Amazon SEO. 

In this article, I will break down to you 10 actionable Amazon SEO tips that will help you optimize your Amazon product listings higher than those of your strongest competitors, and eventually rank on top of the search results on Amazon.  

TIP #1: Understand how Amazon A9 Algorithm works 

In case you are not familiar with Amazon A9, it is a subsidiary company of Amazon, that focuses on managing the advertising and product search technologies for the online retail giant, and other clients. What differentiates Amazon A9 from Google’s algorithm is the search objective. When you go on Google for instance to perform a search, you tend to get all kinds of universal information that Google’s search algorithm breaks down to you in different categories. Let’s say you type “glasses” on the search query, Google’s algorithm will basically try to figure out for you what you want and mean by that.

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Whereas if you do the same on Amazon Marketplace, Amazon A9 will simply display products that list for the keyword “glasses”, as you are obviously there to solely make a purchase, if not browse. Which highlights Amazon’s main objective: being purely transactional and generating as many sales out there as possible.

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So, if you want to bring your Amazon product listings’ game on, make sure to simply focus on Amazon A9’s two crucial ranking factors: 

  • Relevance: How close is your Amazon product listings to keywords in a search
  • Performance: How performant is the conversion rate for your listings views 

 It is the ultimate way for you as a seller to optimize your Amazon SEO ranking for Amazon A9 algorithm, and eventually increase conversions and ultimately your sales engagement.

Tip #2: Conduct Keyword Research

The results people get from their search queries on Google are quite different from the ones they get on Amazon. When you make a product search on Amazon, you merely get products that match your entered keywords. Meaning that as a seller on Amazon, your products can only be found if people’s search queries match your keywords. This prompts you to include for instance your direct or indirect competitors’ keywords, that visitors or customers use, to spot products like yours. It can certainly get quite challenging, however conducting the right keyword research and implementing it on your Amazon product listing, will enable you to be found easily next to your competitors and hence increase chances of attracting more leads and earning conversions.

For proper and complete keyword research, you must adhere to Amazon SEO rules, by including buyer focused characteristics to your keyword search and long tail abraxas.

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These long tail keywords are what people use when searching for products on Amazon, they usually include three words or more.

A nice way for you to start searching for relevant keywords, that you must add to your Amazon product listings, is through checking the search volume for keywords people use when looking for products, and there are many specialized keyword research tools that help you do just that.

Once you find the right keywords, make sure to place them on top of your Amazon SEO campaign and insert them to your Amazon product listings, for instance on your product descriptions and titles.

Tip # 3 : Improve your Amazon Product Title & Description

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Product Title 

The very first thing visitors see when searching for a product on Amazon is its Title. It is one of the main factors that help your product gain visibility and high ranking on Amazon. So make sure to include all the proper information Amazon requires to your product title : 

  • Name of the Brand
  • Product keywords
  • Product Color and material 
  • Product Quantity 
  • 100 characters limit 

Optimize your Product title by including strong keywords to it, and not overstuff it with them. Keep it simple and clear, in a way that describes your product best. However, avoid writing a short Amazon product title, as it has very low click through rates, and hence won’t be able to appear on Amazon’s top product pages. 

Make sure the keywords you include to your title can explain your product well and have high search volumes. Also, It is best to merely include a maximum of three keywords to your title, and have its very first words easy to read for Amazon’s visitors or your customers. 

You won’t believe the wonders (high conversion rates and better click through rates) these small Amazon SEO tips will bring you once you try them. 

Product Description

Product description is another way to persuade the customers to make a purchase on Amazon.That’s why, you have to display a compelling, short and complete description of your product attributes in this section.    

Convince your customers to buy your product by placing the right keywords and stating solid sales arguments that would give customers another relevant reason to make a buying decision. And although some sellers on Amazon don’t give great importance to product description, and rather focus on optimizing other aspects of their product page, like bullet points on their product features for instance, this category can still help you rank your Amazon product listing higher for your Amazon SEO.

Tip # 4 : Include strong bullet points to your Product features

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Another great way to increase conversion and customer engagements is through bullet points on your product features. Why? because Amazon A9 uses this list ( similar to the one above) to rank your product on top of its search engine, so make sure to stay ahead of your competitors for this section, and not miss out on what they’re doing there. 

Include strong keywords that even your competitors rank for, and develop precise, long form features list as a way for you to include as many compatible keywords as possible. Also, using a specific count of words and characters in your bullet points will aid you to keep track and proceed with how you want to A/B test and update it, if you’re ever using Amazon analytics tools, to rank better than your competitors.

Don’t copy your Amazon product listings features from your competitors or other sellers on Amazon, this will not help you position yourself better. The key to a better ranking is a feature that stands out from the rest, even if the product you are selling is no different from the others. 

Tip # 5 : Insert high quality images to your product page  

The power of HD visuals on Amazon marketplace, (or any other eCommerce platform actually) is real.

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If you were to purchase a product on Amazon, I am sure the first thing you would spot is the image quality and how well it’s displayed. The colors, design, and placement of the product in the pictures give out a sense of credibility that attracts and pushes you to make a positive purchasing decision. And Amazon A9 algorithm is all about visuals, the better they are, the more sales you earn through conversions, and the higher you rank. 

So first thing first, avoid posting low quality photos, instead, post product pictures larger than 1000*1000 pixels, and provide users with a pleasant customer experience, thanks to the zoom in option that the dimensions selected create.  

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You can add multiple high resolution photos of the same product but showcased in different angles, as a way for you to not only engage with your audience, and boost sales of your business but also enhance your product reviews, which is another paramount Amazon product listings’ feature I’ll provide you with tips on in a few. 

And if you want to push your product to the top Amazon search results, develop a new image strategy where you respect the rules set by Amazon A9 algorithm : 

  • White background
  • No offensive content
  • No added graphics or text to the product image
  • No drawings or illustrations, merely high definition images
  • If your product is a book, movie or music, it should take 100% of the image
  • If your displaying a product, it should take up 85% or more of the image 
  • Professional image with high resolution colors 
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Similarly, videos are a great way to level up your Amazon SEO and place on top of  Amazon product listings. So make sure to include high definition, short ad videos for instance to your product page, that add value to your product and sets it apart from those of other amazon sellers. 

Tip # 6:  Work on your Product Reviews & Ratings

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Product reviews and ratings are a vital element of any ecommerce business and amazon marketplace. They are a way for visitors and customers to learn about the quality of your product and shipping services on Amazon, and see how trustworthy you and your products are, based on other people’s former experiences through the star ratings and reviews they shared on your product page.

This section of your Amazon product listings can either bring your business up or completely drive it down, no matter how relevant all of your other listings are, as they are the main reason a buyer would decide to purchase your product or pass. Managing your product reviews is hence very critical in order for you to get a better hold on your Amazon SEO campaign. 

You would first want to start by encouraging your visitors to leave feedback about their experience on your selling product. 

You will most probably receive a negative comment from your customers, and the way to handle that is through replying back to each and every single one of them, by apologizing for instance, answering questions and reassuring them that you will replace their damaged or broken product. 

This will enable future audiences to trust in your business and acknowledge how serious you are towards these common issues. It will eventually encourage them to purchase your products, as they are certain you would be there to respond if anything goes wrong. 

Also, avoid buying fake positive reviews to get a headstart, Amazon A9 keeps a close eye on this category, and you will certainly get busted if you try to!  

Here is another interesting topic if you want to learn more on how to deal with fake product reviews. 

Tip # 7 : Engage more on your Customer Q&A section 


The Q&A section of your Amazon product listings is also an important way for you to rank higher on Amazon search results. It includes customers’ questions, and feedback regarding your product. It is advised to always interact with your clients in this category and reply back to all of their concerns, as other visitors would actually base their purchasing decision according to what’s been said in there and how engaging and active the vendor is. This part of your product listings acts as social proof, so you’d better provide relevant and new information to it on a regular basis . 

Your customers and audience can also answer based on their product updates, knowledge or former experience with your product. 

Tip # 8 : Enhance your Amazon A+  content with effective storytelling

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A+ Content is key for you as a seller to boost your competitiveness on Amazon, by optimizing your page details and Amazon product listings with high resolution videos and images, robust FAQs, comparison charts and more. These enhanced features help you better convey your brand’s message and products values, to help audiences make concise and well informed purchasing decisions.  In fact, Amazon states that by including  A+ content to your Amazon product listings page, you can increase sales on average 3 to 10 %

Other than helping your business sell more and rank higher on Amazon marketplace, A+ marketing content can help you earn improved Amazon SEO ratings, smaller return rates and higher conversion rates. 

Now if you don’t have access to A+ content benefits on Amazon, start by creating an account on Amazon Brand Registry where you provide information about your brand and yourself as a seller. The process is made very simple by Amazon , all you need is a registered trademark. 

Once you get your access to A+ content, there is a lot for you to explore and build from : 

– Start by using A+ content templates offered by Amazon, if not create your own from scratch.

Use colors, graphics, high definition images, and display your brand/product story in a language that will reach your audience.  This will increase your potential conversions as you manage to connect your brand’s or product’s values and history to your customers, in a creative and appealing manner. 

– Include high resolution videos and images to enhance your customer engagement and interaction. 

– Use A+ grid layout module to advertise and cross sell other related products, as it contains clickable links to your Amazon product listings, which is very helpful if you want to promote new products or cross-sell, as well as drive more traffic by optimizing your products findability through improved Amazon SEO and keywords. 

Read this article to learn more about how to increase your sales using Amazon A+ Content 

Tip # 9: Improve your ranking with profitable product pricing 

Other than being an important factor of the buy box, your product pricing has a strong impact on sales and conversion rates. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel when setting a pricing strategy for your product, simply monitor and benchmark how your competitors are pricing identical products to yours. Don’t create large price gaps, but instead always try to either match your competitors’ pricing or beat it. 

For instance if your competitors are selling similar products to yours  for between  $20 – $40, and you sell it at $90, then you are ruining your business and not effectively assisting your Amazon SEO campaign. Your Amazon product listings will end up not ranking on the top search results because your product pricing is too expensive. Customers like to shop for good quality products at a cheap price. 

So make sure to satisfy their needs and preferences by pricing your selling products reasonably when compared to those of your competitors. This will help you build a competitive overall Amazon product listings list, and learn if your product can even compete with its rivals. 

TIP #10: Include Amazon’s Product Bundling to your Amazon Product Listings

Customers love great deals, it’s the first thing they look for when shopping on eCommerce platforms. The ultimate way for you to realize that for them as a seller on Amazon is through creating new bundled Amazon product listings in the product catalog.

The aim of product bundling is to enhance and simplify the overall customer experience, by providing complementary products in one unified package, but certainly not multipacks of the same product! For instance, you can bundle a Yoga mat, along with its Yoga towel, hand towels, strap, and blocks.

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Amazon product bundling is a brilliant way for you to come up with multiple product options, sell them all at once, and instantly increase sales of your existing products. It enables you to optimize your sales while still offering discounts to your customers. And as you are the sole seller of the bundle, your product listing will instantly go to the Buy Box.

By including product bundles to your Amazon product listings, you tend to boost your Amazon SEO, as your product reaches more customers and hence optimizes the conversation rate. 

Conclusion :  

Keeping up with Amazon A9’s constant changes and updates can get a little frustrating, I understand, but I can assure you as a seller myself,  that it is the ultimate way for you to set the perfect Amazon SEO strategy that will keep your sales coming, help your product page rank higher, and make your Amazon customers happy. 

Make sure to optimize your Amazon product listings using these 10 actionable SEO tips I just broke down to you, you should eventually see movement in the right direction. 


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