Things to Keep in Mind While Drafting Social Content

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With increasing demand of social media as a platform for marketing and advertising, greater client expectations are also becoming a challenge every day. However, digital marketing agencies are constantly endeavoring to deliver quality social media posts backed by relevant and catchy content. A good piece of graphic is incomplete without a high quality and relevant piece of content

As rightly put by Haroon Rashid – a social media consultant, “The strength of your social media is determined by the strength of your content.”  Exactly so! Social media posts fall flat if not supported by effective and relevant Ad copy and text

Having set social goals and objectives; building unique strategies can be useful, however, not at the cost of content. Even if everything seems to be in place, a good or relatively not so good content can decide whether the campaign is going to be hit or a miss!

Remember to make a to-do list for reference before your content writers start their work. Make sure to include these points in your list as well:

#1: DO A THOROUGH RESEARCH: If you intend to deliver an engaging social media post remember to start with a thorough research. The content must be targeted towards the right audience and age group. It just can’t be vague! Hence, the need for proper research. Share success stories, analogies to connect with audience at an emotional level

#2: USE CORRECT LANGUAGE: After you’ve researched on the subject matter and what would be relevant content for your audience, go a little deep and see what kind of language would fit best with your customer. Keep the communication simple. Remember, more complex the writing, the more difficult it is for your customers to relate. Also, change style of the writing and selection of words as per the audience you are catering. A social media post on LinkedIn for Senior Managers will be way different than a post on Facebook for new mothers. It will also differ for those same Senior Managers scrolling their facebook page

“Content writing style depends on the platform you want to post”

#3: ESTABLISH YOUR VOICE: Although it’s important that you determine the language as per the target audience, still, try and develop a voice of your own. The overall content should be written in your own voice. Now, remember the voice should be consistent throughout the content not only in posts but also in other marketing activities and social interactions online

#4: MAINTAIN POSITIVITY: Now do not get confused with positive and happy. Your content should be positive not necessarily happy! Avoid criticism and negative connotations. Writing negative points cannot only be discouraging and uninteresting, but it can also attract negative views and put your post in a rather negative light, which wouldn’t have been your objective in the first place to achieve

Above-mentioned points are worth remembering while writing content. Make a list a of these points and give your writers a few guidelines to follow

As is rightly said by Sayan Singha“Good content with a good intent and a good interface is all we need to get our right audience. Try and see it for yourself”

Right social media content and social copy write up will always help create that positive impression about your brand and your business lasting in the minds of the readers for a longer time. Good luck to them for the future endeavors

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