The Truth About COVID Vaccine Facts

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The Truth About COVID Vaccine Facts

The COVID vaccine was created faster than any other vaccine in history. That makes some people very nervous about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine, but there are several reasons why fast-tracked vaccines are still safe. It’s time to learn more about COVID vaccine facts.

Most vaccines indeed take about 10-15 years to create, but there have been a few examples of vaccines that took a shorter period of time. For instance, the mumps vaccine took 4 years, measles took 3 years, but the H1N1 vaccine took just a few months since it was based on pre-existing processes and data for seasonal flu vaccines. 

Likewise, the COVID vaccine was developed very quickly as scientists were also able to use pre-existing data from other coronaviruses, and mRNA materials were readily available. The COVID vaccine also brought together scientists from around the globe to collaborate and produce this outcome quickly, and governments around the globe also put their support and effort into fast-tracking the development. 

More About the Fast-Track

According to the medical community, fast-tracked vaccines are still safe. They still go through standard clinical trials, including laboratory trials and 3 phases of clinical trials to determine safety and effectiveness. While only 7% of vaccines in preclinical studies succeed, the clinical trials success rate is 20%. Nothing in the fast-tracked elements can have any bearing on the accuracy of trial results. Fast-tracked elements are simply enrollment and follow-up with patients in clinical trials, the submission process and application review by the FDA, and data analysis and funding for vaccine research. 

The facts are that the vaccine can protect against COVID-19 and helps to build herd immunity. It does not cause autism, and does not weaken the immune system. Information is power and fight misinformation – learn more about COVID vaccine facts in the visual deep dive below.


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