Sprout’s Focus on Partnership Adds Value for Customers

As a provider of B2B software, Sprout’s frontline teams often get asked the question: what integrations and partnerships do you provide? It’s a common and necessary inquiry for any brand or agency selecting a software vendor, particularly in the marketing technology space. For some, the answer is overly simplistic and a straightforward checking of boxes. For Sprout, it’s about smartly growing our ecosystem to provide the best possible customer experiences—and knowing that each and every integration serves a purpose and brings value. 

In 2020 alone, Sprout added an impressive list of new partners that span the entirety of our platform. From increased access to social data and functionality to expanding beyond core social; from creating tighter alignment across critical CRM and helpdesk solutions to tie-ins with critical workflow tools that make collaboration and access more seamless. As Sprout expands our offering of business and technical integrations, we’re working closely with each company, ensuring our strategic relationships and holistic approach to partnerships truly set us apart. 

Here, we’re highlighting recent enhancements that provide Sprout customers of all shapes and sizes the best tools of the trade. If you’re not using some of them already, take a closer look. The results will be not only more successful utilization of the Sprout platform, but more compelling community conversations and engagements across your social channels.

Extend social further into your business with CRM & Helpdesk integrations

Earlier this year, Sprout announced a new integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 which complements our existing suite of CRM and help desk integrations including Salesforce, HubSpot and Zendesk. Social media professionals on the front lines know all-too-well how challenging and nuanced it is to deliver a unified customer experience across every interaction, especially when their colleagues internally may have critical context. 

Fast, reliable and efficient customer service on social media is quickly becoming standard procedure. Sprout’s CRM and help desk integrations enable organizations to safely and securely share customer context across teams and systems—providing a more complete picture of the people behind the messages and improving how you communicate with them.

Monitor for five star service with a host of review platforms

Sprout’s recent announcement of a first-of-its-kind integration with Glassdoor, the preeminent source for employee- and candidate-driven reviews and insights for companies, expands upon our existing reputation and review management solutions for Facebook Reviews, Google My Business and TripAdvisor.

We all know that a brand’s online reputation has never been more important, and certainly brand perception goes beyond just your customers to include your employees as well. Adding Glassdoor reviews to Sprout’s Reviews integration partners continues to provide value beyond core social channels and supports a growing trend of seeing social professionals’ influence and purview expand beyond traditional social to connect them to customers wherever they are. 

Work smarter, not harder, with complementary work apps

Even prior to COVID-19 completely changing the way the world operates, the need for effective workflow tools within your social stack was paramount. And certainly with the new paradigm of companies being mostly, if not fully, distributed for the foreseeable future, it’s critical that social media managers have access to the files and tools necessary to stay productive and focused.

Earlier this year, Sprout introduced integrations with key digital asset management systems Google Drive and Dropbox, as well as an open beta program for an integration with the preeminent work communication and collaboration platform, Slack. 

By connecting your Sprout account with systems to access multimedia files and configure task and approval notifications within complementary work apps, like Slack, you can work smarter, not harder, to complete daily workflows across social publishing and engagement. 

Rely on up-to-date experiences with social networks and community platforms

Of course, even as we broaden our scope of integrations, it is always a priority to strengthen and deepen our existing partnerships as well. In 2020, we’re excited to have bolstered several key integrations with expanded access to data and functionality, including:

  • Expanded Instagram functionality—including many messaging features—as a byproduct of Sprout working with Facebook to integrate the new Messenger API
  • Up-to-date Twitter features, including a Twitter Pro Media Video integration that enables customers to post longer videos through the platform.
  • Enhanced Reddit data access within Sprout’s Listening suite, opening the door for more robust and powerful conversation data from Reddit communities.
  • Additional YouTube data access powering the recently released YouTube Videos report for detailed breakdown of video and channel performance

Setting a gold standard for partnerships

We are extremely proud of the deep, meaningful relationships we’ve built with our technology and integration partners. Guided by our Sprout values and managed with care, compassion and consistency—there are many benefits that these partnerships provide to the more than 25,000 brands and agencies that trust Sprout to be their social marketing system of record. As we look to 2021 and beyond, we’ll continue to innovate with our technology, bring new relationships to bear and deliver on the promise of providing our customers with the best possible experiences.


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