October 2020 Updates to Paid Media Platforms

In this monthly post, we bring you the latest from all of the major platforms.

Google Ads

What: Attribution updates on Google including Youtube and Data-Driven Measurement

Details: Youtube has been added to Google Ads attribution reporting. Additionally, their data-driven attribution model is now available to more advertisers. 

Impact: Youtube’s addition to Google Ads attribution reporting means cross-network path analysis is now available. Additionally, Data-driven attribution has become increasingly popular but was previously limited by data constraints.  Previously, 15,000 ad interactions and 600 conversion events in the past 30 days were required.New lower data requirements for data-driven attribution are a minimum of 3,000 ad interactions and at least 300 conversions in the past 30 days. 

What: Simplified location reporting

Details: Locations are now segmented into two categories within reporting: targeted locations and matched locations. Google’s location settings are as follows:

  • People in, or who show interest in your targeted locations
  • People in or regularly in your targeted location
  • People searching for your targeted locations

For context, targeted locations show performance of the locations you’re targeting. Matched
Locations show information on either user’s physical address or location of interest.

Impact: The update doesn’t exactly feel “simplified”, but as always account managers will adjust to procure the proper data they need to make analytically driven decisions.

What: New interface features and alerts

Details: A series of updates rolled out to help advertisers within the interface. First, real-time alerts will be issued for concerns that could prevent ads from serving such as an invalid URL or location overlap. Next, draft campaigns will now save progress automatically making it easier to pick up where you left off. Lastly, you can now create campaigns from the Overview page and see if ads have been approved in the same location.

Impact: From a performance perspective, these are minimal impact. They do improve the user experience within the interface, however.

What: Get discovered by deal seekers with new features for listing your promotions (U.S. only)

Details: All eligible retailers will now be automatically enabled to use promotions with in interest form required. Additionally, advertisers should opt for improved reporting for on-sale products via use of custom labels. Next, Google has implemented an “On Sale” filter across mobile and desktop to help the “discoverability of competitively-priced products”

Impact: Google noted quicker approval for merchant promotions in our September 2020 Updates to Paid Media Platforms edition. With these updates above, Google continues to streamline promotional Shopping adjustments. This is very important for advertisers who prepare for a seasonal peak that is likely to prove even crazier than “normal” thanks to E-Commerce’s explosive growth during recent events.

Microsoft Advertising (Bing)

What: Update to automated bidding strategies

Details: Target ROAS, Max Conversions, and Target CPA are now available globally. The minimum conversion requirement for Max Conversions and Target CPA has been removed.

Impact: Automation and machine learning are in no danger of exiting the Digital Marketing space anytime soon. With these updates, Microsoft removes certain barriers to increase automated bidding adoption on their platform. 

What: Microsoft extends an open beta for Digital Marketing Center

Details: The past few months Microsoft has been piloting Digital Marketing Center — a central platform to manage online presence across paid search, paid social, and organic social management. Additionally, Microsoft has added new features such as on-tie analytics, search term control, and ad reviews.

Impact: Although in its early stages, DCM offers AI-powered ad management aimed at simplifying account management. These initial updates show an investment in the platform and an openness to user feedback.


What: Certification for Community Management

Details: Facebook Community Manager Certification Program will be a free online course offered to help improve platform content and data standards.

Impact: Facebook continues to offer paths that repair its reputation in data privacy and content regulation. This addition is aimed to create buy-in/support for online group and community leaders.

General Note

Platforms updates tend to slow down within Q4 to ensure advertisers have ample time for holiday/seasonal planning. If you missed last month’s update, turn to September 2020 Updates to Paid Media Platforms for all of the latest info. Did we miss any major monthly updates? Not covering a certain platform close enough? Feel free to let me know on Twitter @Will_Larcom


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