Important Points to Keep in Mind While Drafting Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Kolkata – the City of Joy, is not only a fast moving city but a rapidly growing one! Now why do I say that? Any technological, political or social wave of advancement that hits the global market soon sweeps in Kolkata too. And mind you, the companies over here are more than happy to welcome newer trends to provide best suitable solutions to their consumers worldwide

In view of this, Digital Marketing is also not far behind. More and more expert companies are coming up in this evergreen metropolitan city. Thus, creating a new wave of development

The best social media marketing company in India is aware of their responsibilities towards accomplishing the business goals of their customers using state-of-the-art techniques and strategies

There are some easily available tips that most social media marketing companies in India follow for impactful online advertising and marketing. Here are the first three tips that should be followed

TIP #1: Recognizing Goals: This is the first and the most important tip that most social media marketing conglomerates follow. Knowing the goals and identifying them makes its easier for new business plans and strategies to be framed

SMART goal setting strategy can be adopted:

S: SPECIFIC: Identifying goals must be extremely specific and to-the-point in nature. Having a vague goal plan in mind in not going to help in achieving maximum benefits. Be as specific as possible

M: MEASURABLE: Building a standard way of accomplishing the business goal is of utmost importance. By measurable here we mean that the outcome should be one that can be defined in numbers, e.g., ‘80% of the goal was achieved’

A: ATTAINABLE: Identifying correct business goal is important. A goal has to be attainable by nature for the social media marketing agencies to handle. Having vague and unreachable goals will not help anyone – neither the social media company nor the customer

R: RELEVANT: Marketing goal has to be relevant to the desires of the customer. Every marketing goal will have a bigger picture to cater to – be it audience building, increasing website traffic, brand strengthening, etc. Relevancy is the name of the game. Also, it needs to be kept in mind while drafting the Sales funnel. Starting from the results on the SERP and clicking their way to websites and landing pages till your customer takes the action that you want them to take

T: TIMELY: Ultimately delivering the business goals and objectives by stipulated deadline is important. Hence, to keep on track, dividing larger goals into smaller ones first is required

TIP #2: Recognizing Audience: After recognizing the business goals, it’s imperative to move on to recognizing your audience. Know the customer by pin-pointing their behaviour, past experiences, pain points, search patterns, what’s in trend etc. Knowing about the customers is an added advantage in keeping the target audience engaged

TIP #3: Selecting the Best Platform: Moving on to the next tip, once the goal and the audience are identified, it is important to select the suitable social media platform for marketing. Each platform is appropriate for a particular type of audience belonging to a certain age group. For instance, Facebook is perfect for direct selling to a varied age ranged customers. Snapchat and Instagram on the other hand are ideal for younger audience. Marketing to other companies? LinkedIn is the best option! Not only this, but keeping a keen eye on the platforms and how they function is also important. A survey would be best to gather some information about the competitors, study the presence of the followers, etc.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg! The major chunk of the iceberg is yet to be seen. Meaning – these were just the three tips that our efficient social media team members follow for a start, there are many other tips and strategies that become the essence of social media marketing. we are going to mention these in our upcoming blogs

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