How Does Meta Description Helps Improve Click Through Rate (CTR)

How Does Meta Description Helps Improve Click Through Rate CTR

What is a Meta Description?

A meta description is a piece of text that describes your page in a nutshell. This text generally appears at the search engine results page under the headline and your website or page link

Meta Description

You can also find meta description on any web page by right clicking and then selecting ‘view page source.

Now there are some guidelines to follow while writing meta descriptions. According to Google, the standard length of the meta description should be 160 characters or lesser. Even for the meta title, the standard length is 55 characters. Although, these are important in describing the page, you have to stick to the guidelines. You cannot get overboard describing your page!

Meta descriptions are important for a reason, they play an important role in creating a significant impact on SEO efforts for the web page. These texts act as “organic ad texts.” This means that when your ad ranks for a keyword on Google, the meta description shows as the summary of the page

Now remember, a compelling meta description has the power to raise the click-through rates of organic search results. Why you may ask? The answer is – time is of utmost essence. And your searcher doesn’t have. Obviously. So, your potential visitor before clicking, landing on to the page and find it not so relevant, world 1st love to go through the Meta Description understanding relevance of the pages content

This simply means that when more and more visitors read your meta description and find it relevant, they are ought to click on your website link visiting your page. This will increase the traffic to your site. Also, this is a signal to google and it does support your page and give that boost it needs. We’ll share importance of CTR in our coming articles in ranking your site


#1: Even if the keyword used in a meta description does not help in search rankings, it still helps in catching a customer’s attention. The moment a searcher searches for a similar keyword the meta description will get bold in the search result, hence, standing out for customer attention

#2:  Whenever a page is shared on a social media platform like Facebook or LinkedIn, each site will pull up the meta description entirely. Thus, creating an interest among the searchers to know more about the page, product, services, etc.


In order to write good meta descriptions that will lead to increased click-through rates, you could follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

  • Use researched and targeted keywords only
  • Make sure that the description you are writing is highly relevant to the content on the page. And to that of your visitor
  • Never repeat a meta description. This could lead to duplication of content and google doesn’t like it
  • Convey the benefits and urgency of using the product/service.
  • Touch the audience emotionally and compel them to click on the meta description

So, the next time you or your expert team of content writers; write a piece of meta description, make sure why you are writing and what you are writing. Also, do remember for whom you are writing. Remember, it may look small in length, still it is a description that your web page’s popularity will highly depend on

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