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Improve User Experience For Customers

Over the past few decades there has been many changes in the field of SEO as we perceive it. In fact, the most distinct change that has been brought about is that the best SEO agency in India have now become real marketers. Eventually SEO turned out to be the best solution for digital marketing purposes for attracting and converting target audience into sales organically. Both SEO and search engines have evolved together. In order to keep spammers at bay, search engines raised their bar which forced SEO experts to raise their quality as well

This is where user experience came to the scene. Improved user experience i.e U/X was the key to satisfying customers among other parameters. There is a whole field of user experience optimization that needs its own level of focus and attention. Its known as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Principle of user experience is nothing but focusing on the visitor’s search and buying behavior on the website itself. Everything that is done online as a part of digital marketing analysis has to be done from the visitor’s / end-customer’s point-of-view. After all we do everything for them only

Search engines work on the most advanced data mining operations in the world. They just don’t help people find what they are looking for, but they also collect data that helps them understand user behavior. Using this data, the algorithms; on which the search engines work, get tweaked in order to give the searchers more of what they want to see and less of what they don’t, in short relevant and useful information. This means; websites that do their job in meeting the needs of the searchers get better rankings in the search engines results page (SERP). However, as we talk, SEO professionals are looking for newer and better ways of improving overall user experience. If interested in improving your website’s traffic and performance contact us

In order to make user experience better, the basic requirement is always to focus on customer behavior on the website along with customer psychology. Color combinations, easy of navigation on the site… this makes us focus on the “Right Site Structure”. This helps the customers and also the search bots to understand the relevancy of the content in conjunction with the requirement

Fonts used in writing the content, having an empty space or not, how to place the images (if any) and where to place them, all matters to the minutest level

Call -to- Action (or) CTAs play a very important role. They help customers to take action giving them guidance and directions when the need be. Consumers are crystal clear in knowing what to do. At times, we all have come across sites, which have a lot of content … quite relevant, but CTAs are not clear or misplaced. This becomes a cause of confusion and irritation making them not sure of what steps to be taken thereafter causing them to either click on to wrong links or close the site. Leading to high Bounce Rate. An indicator of website’s ill health

But, the accurate and relevant keyword followed by Ease of Navigation, Ease of Readability, Relevancy of content, Aesthetics of the Website and its way of presentation to the world along with many other factors – play an important part in the game called “Convincing Your Digital Customers”! This affects everything from web designing, content writing, to site messaging, etc. This in tandem with right keyword research and analysis, better are the chances of reaching out to the users as per their search requirements followed by high level of usability

Be careful about the searchers’ intent while making a search entry. Not all keywords or phrases would mean the same thing. For example, a person looking for ‘website content’ maybe looking for top website content to read while another person maybe looking for tips to write a good website content. The intent of the searcher eventually gets clear when you get into long-tail phrases or keywords, however, be careful while making assumptions with the searchers’ intent. Once the users receive what they were looking for, the user experience gets better each time. This also helps us to collate data from Google Console/ Google Analytics and other data collation and analytical tools enabling right interpretation helping improve the U/X even better with time and continuous efforts. Following SEO and U/X best practices on the website gives satisfaction to users with experience to customers while focusing on the ranking of the website

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