Event Hashtags: All You Need to Know!

Event Hashtags

It’s worth mentioning that conferences and live events are the best places where you can create connection with people concerning your brand. Through these events you get to know new people that later become friends or even promising clients

However, there’s one key aspect of live events that completely change the story: hashtags! They have made it easy for people to notice live happenings on the social media. When you are attending an event, you are present there and what better way can there be than to share the experience with others through the use of hashtag on social media

Using an event hashtag enables you to make connections even before an event has actually started. However, you may be wondering what exactly makes hashtags so important? Well, then read the blog and find out for yourself!


Whether you are planning to host a grand event or attending one, you should definitely use a trending hashtag while sharing about it on social media. The main reason for this is that, considering how famous social media platform are these days, adding an event hashtag, allows people to talk about the event and connect with each other on the social platform, thus, encouraging people to notice

Another reason why using an event hashtag comes in handy is that, when people want to see everything related to the hashtag, they get to do that immediately. They get hands on information on posts from the event, interactions, photos, videos and many more. It actually helps to keep the fun going on long after the party gets over


After choosing your event hashtag your work becomes even more important, Now, what you need to do is to gain traction! You will have to inspire people to use hashtags before, during and after an event. In order to do this, follow some tips given below

BUILD AWARENESS BEFORE THE EVENT STARTS: When you have planned for a big event, you will obviously have to plan how to promote it for maximum attention. At such a juncture, all your need to do is add trending hashtags to all your photos, videos and promos that you plan to share on social media. This will eventually make people become aware of the event. They will also start using the hashtag for posting anything related to the event online

USE THE HASHTAG AS AN ENGAGEMENT OPPORTUNITY: Once the hashtag begins to gain traction, you will have to keep a close eye on it. When people start using it, they will also come up with questions that you might pitch in and answer for yourself. Also, they may be sharing experiences or memories related to the event that you may want to be a part of

Make an effort to check the hashtag on a daily basis. Start getting connected with those using it build relationships now. After all you would want to know everything that is going around concerning your event

INSPIRE PEOPLE TO STRIKE CONVERSATIONS AFTER REGISTERING FOR THE EVENT: Once you have enough attendees registered to the event, lead them to a thank you page which will contain all the important information about the event. Also, share your social media profiles so that they can follow along if they aren’t already.

SHARE REAL TIME POSTS: During an event, the best way to inspire people to share social media content with hashtag is to share real time posts and happenings. This makes people share things that might get missed out otherwise in the hustle bustle of a live event.

KEEP THE ENGAGEMENT ON EVEN AFTER THE EVENT ENDS: Just because your event has come to an end, does not necessarily mean that the connection and conversation concerning the event also has to come to an end. Regularly check on the event hashtag afterwards to see what people are sharing about their experiences. Start a conversation with them on the basis of their experiences. It shows you genuinely care about your community, also they will be compelled to come back the next time you organize an event

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