March 2021 Updates to Paid Media Platforms

In this monthly post, we bring you the latest from all of the major platforms.  Google Ads What: Drive Leads with Hotel Property Promotion Ads Details: Property Promotion Ads are now available globally. Previous to this launch, direct participation in property promotion ads was done through an allowlist. They show prominently in search results for […]

Our Favorite Digital Summit At Home: SMB 2021 Sessions

As part of Digital Summit’s 2021 At Home conference series, the Small and Medium Business event focused exclusively on strategies, tactics, and best practices for small- to medium-sized businesses to take their digital marketing to the next level. Alec Maes and Max Trotter attended two days of tactical sessions for SMB marketers. Here are their […]

Instagram SEO: 4 Ways to Rank Higher in 2021

Ask ten social media marketers how they’re growing their reach on Instagram and you may very well hear ten different answers: “I’m focused on producing short-form video content.” “I’m trying to live stream as frequently as possible.” “I’m experimenting with different ad formats.” The list goes on, and it gets longer with each passing year. […]

9 Tips for Writing Irresistible Blog Post Titles

Blog post titles are hard. You need to communicate a lot of information and capture the attention—and the clicks—of your audience, and you only have so many characters to do it. That’s why I’m sharing nine tips for stronger blog post titles here: Avoid words that sound like spam Check the SERP for numbers Remember […]

50+ May Marketing Ideas (and Examples) for Any Business or Budget

If April showers bring May flowers, then now is the time for your small business to bloom. But how do you get your business to stand out to customers and apart from competitors? By incorporating creativity, core values, and causes into your content. And the good news is, every month of the year affords unique […]

5 Steps You Can (and Should) Take to Improve Your Core Web Vitals Now

It’s already confirmed that Core Web Vitals will become a search ranking factor in May 2021 with the Page Experience Update. What this means is, while quality content still reigns supreme, the technical side of your SEO will gain some more importance. So what does this mean and how can you prepare for it? In […]

Your 8-Point Guide to Developing a Memorable Brand Personality

Come for the monetary gain; stay for the endless other benefits. That’s how the story goes for many businesses that commit to developing authentic, attractive, and memorable brands. As a result of intentional brand-building, they enjoy gains that range from boosted engagement to increased influence and the ability to reel in other brands that gladly […]

Google Is Retiring tCPA & tROAS: What You Need to Know

Google’s two oldest automatic bidding strategies, Target CPA and Target ROAS, have finally met the day we all hope to reach eventually: they’re packing their bags and moving down to Florida because they are retiring! That’s right, as discreetly announced on their developer blog, starting this spring, Google will be moving away from Target CPA and Target […]

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