🔥👶🏽🔥🕺🏽Leadferno | Local SEO Guide

Aaron Weiche on Lead🔥ferno, his new business texting & messaging app startup: The vision for Leadferno is to help businesses and consumers make delightful connections at speed. Email feels slow, phone calls are taxing and that’s not how consumers prefer to get answers, help and solutions anymore…We’re designing a better, faster and easier communication experience […]

How To Track Passage Ranking SEO Performance in Google Search Console (And Why You Might Want To)

UPDATE You’re really not an SEO blogger until @rustybrick has called bullshit on one of your posts https://t.co/Us4eajHBx9 — Andrew Shotland (@localseoguide) February 11, 2021 So I may have jumped the gun on the “passage ranking” thing, but even though this may be old news, these URLs started showing up in a lot of GSC […]

Live Blogging the 2020 Election with Scalable Google Trends

7:15 pm PDT update Well, things are moving right along in this election. I’m going to try to keep these short and sweet to avoid devolving into political commentary lol. First observation, people are really focusing on “battleground” states and North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin are all in focus. Also people are focusing on the Senate […]

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