4 Tools for Mapping Content and Tone to Each Buyer Stage

Even the most beautiful music, if it’s played for the wrong audience, won’t resonate. A crowd that’s expecting to hear a concerto will probably walk out on you if you choose to perform a jazz standard instead. This same principle holds true for your sales and marketing content. If your content fails to strike the […]

The Quickest Ways to Become an Email Marketing Fool

Imagine being able to talk to thousands of potential and loyal customers one-on-one. That’s what email marketing does for you. It remains one of the most popular forms of marketing, thanks to its high ROI and incredible reach. Email marketing doesn’t work like magic, though. You need to have an actionable strategy, gather valuable insight, […]

How to Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience with Email Marketing

In the age of information overload, it can be tricky to grab and retain your customers’ attention for a prolonged period of time. They are targeted by dozens of companies every day, and for your email to stand out, it has to offer an engagement-based experience that’s unlike anything they’ve ever encountered before. Enter well-strategized […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding Customer Journeys

“Journey” is a pretty popular word nowadays. We hear it used to describe a spiritual path someone’s taking or a sudden wellness obsession. But for marketers, understanding the journey our customers are on is more concrete. It’s about identifying the actual steps customers take when interacting with our brand. Our customers’ motivations, their understanding of […]

Why You Should Care About Email Testing

Most businesses still see email marketing as the most cost-beneficial and conversion-rich way to develop relationships with potential customers or clients and promote their products or services. What makes it such a powerful tool? The numbers speak for themselves. A recent study holds that the median email marketing ROI is 122 percent. So far, no […]

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