12 Tried & Tested Ways To Promote Your Content on LinkedIn

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There’s no doubt that LinkedIn gained widespread popularity as a platform for connecting employers and job seekers. But now, it serves a much greater purpose than recruitment. This versatile platform has emerged as a powerful tool for networking, creating brand awareness, and building valuable customer relationships. 

You’re majorly missing out if LinkedIn is not a part of your marketing strategy. 

A well-curated LinkedIn presence can put your business on the map. In fact, LinkedIn has become an essential factor in boosting your online visibility and increasing your chances of securing a higher rank on search engines. And, of course, it’s an undeniably effective platform for winning over buyers and establishing credibility in the industry.

Are your LinkedIn marketing efforts failing to attract customers? Strategies that have worked on Instagram or Facebook may not promise similar results on LinkedIn. Since LinkedIn is a professional platform, it’s crucial to adjust your approach accordingly.

Whether you are new to LinkedIn or your past attempts have fallen short, it’s time to tweak your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Here are some ways to effectively promote your content on LinkedIn. Let’s dive in.

Curate High-Quality Content

Are you creating content just for the sake of it? That approach will never work. Poor-quality content is a waste of your time. Instead, do your research to find out what interests your audience. If you lack writing skills, consider involving a professional writer.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, sharing silly jokes or mindless memes isn’t appropriate for LinkedIn. It’s imperative to remember that LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. It’s possible to create fun and engaging content without blurring the lines of personal humor and professional content.

Know Your Target Audience

Without identifying your target audience, you’ll end up creating irrelevant content. Your entire content strategy will go haywire if you don’t know what your audience likes. Therefore, doing your research to know and segment your target audience is an essential step for promoting content on LinkedIn. 

Optimize Your Content

Search engine optimization not only makes your content discoverable on LinkedIn but also boosts the odds of your business showing up on relevant web searches. First of all, you need to conduct keyword research and include relevant keywords to optimize your LinkedIn page as well as other content. Furthermore, make sure all the sections, including banner and profile image, are complete on your LinkedIn page.

Mike Allton’s profile on LinkedIn

Skip Hard Selling

Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn isn’t the place for blatantly promoting your products or service. Aggressive advertising, spamming, and pushing your products are some things that the LinkedIn community doesn’t appreciate. So if that has been your approach, it’s time to rectify it. Your content strategy should put your audience first. A customer-centric approach will appeal to your target audience and generate favorable results.

Stay Consistent

No matter how thoughtful and relevant your content is, you won’t make an impact with a sporadic posting schedule. Like most social media platforms, LinkedIn has an influx of content on a daily basis. Posting consistently is necessary to keep your brand alive in your target audience’s mind. 

It’s recommended to stick to posting two to five times a week. We suggest planning a monthly content calendar that will ensure you are posting regularly. It’s a good idea to leave some room in your calendar for sharing content on topical issues and trending topics.

Diversify Content 

Creating long-form blog posts is a tried and tested format to share valuable content with your target audience. However, many busy professionals may not have the time to go through a lengthy post in the middle of their workday. Furthermore, some people are simply not interested in reading long posts.

That’s why every brand should consider diversifying their LinkedIn content beyond blog posts. Bite-sized and informative videos are attention-grabbing as well as shareable. You can also try going live on LinkedIn to interact with your connections directly. 

Don’t Forget Subtitles

Are you producing video content for LinkedIn but not receiving desired results? Firstly, ensure you are uploading well-produced videos. You don’t have a high-scale production to make great videos for LinkedIn. Three basics to keep in mind are image quality, audio quality, and lighting. 

Secondly, don’t make your videos too long. It would be best to stick to two minutes or less to keep your viewers engaged. If you are planning an informational video, make sure the duration does not exceed ten minutes. 

Lastly, it’s important to note that many people scroll through LinkedIn in public places or at work. And this means they probably can’t play the audio. Also, videos on LinkedIn play on mute by default. That’s why you should always include subtitles in your videos.

Here’s an example of a video snippet that has been edited with Headliner.app in order to add subtitles and a progress bar. This was simply a portion of a longer Agency Accelerated interview.

Incorporate Paid Advertising

There is only so much you can achieve with organic posting. To further promote your content, you should incorporate paid advertising on LinkedIn. Sponsored posts are successful in reaching niche audiences and generating high-quality leads. One of the biggest advantages of paid ads on LinkedIn is the platform’s advanced targeting filters. 

Strategically Choose Posting Days & Time

Randomly posting on any day of the week at any time won’t cut it. There’s an abundance of content constantly shared on LinkedIn, and your hard work will just get lost in the noise if you’re not careful about your posting times. 

According to HubSpot, you should post Tuesday through Thursday, between 8 am to 2 pm, to maximize your content visibility. However, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to posting times. The most suitable time and days to post will vary depending upon your industry. Ideally, you should test different posting times to find a schedule that attracts the most views and engagement.

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Respond To Engagement

When members comment on your post, make sure you acknowledge their engagement by responding. Furthermore, you should also comment and share other people’s content to forge new connections. LinkedIn automation tools are helpful for speeding up sending connection requests and follow-up messages.

If you notice a certain style of posts receiving more engagement than usual, then it would be helpful to create similar content.

Cross-Promote Content

Do you have a well-established presence on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? You can leverage these platforms to promote your LinkedIn content. Every time you post a new blog, video, or any other content, make sure to share a link on your social media pages.

Additionally, you can also utilize email marketing to further your reach on LinkedIn. Repurposing LinkedIn content for emails is an excellent way to give your LinkedIn page a boost.

Make the Most of Groups

LinkedIn is a goldmine when it comes to interest groups. Even if your brand belongs to a niche industry, you’ll likely find relevant groups on LinkedIn. And if not, then you have the power to create one.

By joining and participating in groups, you get access to audiences relevant to your industry. Since you already know the group’s members are interested, you can focus on sharing high-quality content.

As previously mentioned, no one enjoys spamming or overly promotional content. Moreover, it’s important to follow the rules and posting guidelines set by the group administrator. In addition to posting content, make sure you are interacting with other members and engaging with their posts. Always interact in a respectful and polite manner.

The Bottom Line

LinkedIn is a beneficial platform for taking your content marketing to the next level. It offers a number of organic and paid strategies to promote your content to a wider audience to increase engagement and gain publicity for your brand. Instead of shooting in the dark, use our above-mentioned actionable tips to get your LinkedIn content noticed.

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